recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Chopin composed and published his popular Nocturne in E-flat major in 1833. This nocturne is filled with melancholy.

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The main melody is heard three times during the solo piano piece. With each repetition, it is varied by more and more tones and trills. The foundation for the melodic line is provided by the spaced notes in the accompaniment.

The nocturne is reflective until it becomes passionate near the end. The melody begins softly but then ascends to a high register and is played with force, eventually reaching the loudest part of the musical work. Tension increases as the crescendo brightly moves up to the long trill. Then the excitement subsides, ending the nocturne calmly.

If you want to understand and get to know Chopin, you can read his letters.

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51 Responses to "Nocturne"

  1. Frank Lundy had great taste in music. This is so soothing.

  2. jail-lover46 says:

    sometimes prison isnt so bad when you have classical radio, a few good friends and a new guy whos too scared to not obey whatever you tell him. Mostly the part about the radio though.

  3. This is real music….how great,Calm, Peaceful, Beautiful.. one of my favorite This and Moonlight Sonata……

  4. Barbara Lowe says:

    This is very peaceful. It calms my heart.

  5. Soy una persona muy dura de corazón pero esta melodía me dice que no

  6. Ilsa Clisette says:

    What a beautiful interpretation. It helps me relax especially for study time.

  7. Your Name says:

    Another Chopin’s songs, please? “Heroic” Polonaise? its sounds nearly perfect in my ears. but this one is beautifull too, Whew,,, i cant told wich is better…

  8. I love it!

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. Perfect for this particular day, especially- Thank you.

  11. POr fin me encuentro con una pagina de musica culta. Hermosa.

    Mil Gracias

  12. excelente, me encanta toda su publicacion. maravilloso.

  13. this took me somewhere outside reality :)

  14. Thank you! You made my day! Thanks for making me smile…I have been stalked by the gay community for years in Tampa Bay, Florida. This is one source of joy. Thank you for this gift!

  15. i like you hes waird im awsome and i want the world to know that

  16. It so beautiful! I feel like I’m being carried away by the music!
    The playing is beautiful!
    Classical Music is amazing, so many different emotions from one piece of music!! Music like this is so refreshing, it feels like I can breathe properly! :)

  17. This hauntingly beautiful piece of music was the centerpiece of the film adaptation of the life of Eddie Duchin. It was in fact his theme song.
    Nobly and ably played by the late Carmen Cavallaro, the soundtrack to the
    movie is among my most cherished possessions. I recall fondly how my late
    father, who knew Duchin, took my mother and I to see this movie in the
    theater no less than four times.
    The “Eddie Duchin Story” is worth your look-see.

  18. cuando escucho esta musica me siento tan conmobida por el sentimiento expresado en ellas q me llena el alma

  19. what is this tittle ??
    nocturne ???
    merci ..

  20. Sthepanie says:

    Es muy bella ,la escucho una y otra vez.

  21. Esta música es un regalo para el alma y para que el espíritu se eleve hasta las alturas. Una verdadera belleza, gracias

  22. I love this beautiful music….


  24. I am getting some concerns acquiring this internet site to load on my iPhone. Do you have a mobile version of this web site?

  25. Nathalia says:

    He escuchado todas las canciones ,en particular Fur Elise es muy hermosa

  26. Was this track in the movie “American Beauty”?

  27. predatoriusnet says:

    creo que lo mejor que he escuchado en un piano
    hasta ahora muy bello

  28. Beautiful music!

  29. nice play, love it

  30. Beautiful!!

  31. peace of mind

    love this music

  32. Andre Ferrari says:

    At this moment is magical, everything disapear, the problems, the afraid, only the shudder stay with me… All the world comeback a little place, a runch, a farm, where there is peace, and love, and calm… who am i? anyone, just a peace of the song…

  33. hector diaz lopez says:

    hoy visitè por primera vez este portal y mire con lo que me encuentro “chopin” el mas romantico
    del siglo XVIII.gracias señores por esta musica tan especial.

  34. here in argentina we are celebreating the 200 years of independence
    and 200 years of chopin , what a coincidence
    chopin rest in peace, wonderful master
    we honor you always.
    thanks for the beatifuls songs that you give us like a god `s gift

  35. To continue with my previous comment I feel transported to roses, candle ligth beautiful church music and angels carrying happines to every sad soul. Is the perfect song to celebrate San Valentine.

    Amor por siempre,
    mi hijo Christopher Lucas Kaminski

    y yo su madre Cecilia de los Reyes Penagos Cole.

  36. My husband from which I have a child and I am separated is polish. I think the way we met and romance was well defined with this piece on music. Love Chopin, also visited with my son and husband in Poland the salt mines and when we reached the end of the tour the top part of thuis site was iluminated with millions of stars and in the background this music was palying. Exquisite moment, love, romance, creativity, history and moments that speak of Chopin.

  37. Victor Santos says:

    Muito lindo esse som!

  38. I love the static in this song. It makes the song that much more real. I think it’s the most beautiful song ever.

  39. Beautiful! I love every moment of it, really moving piece.

  40. Te felicito, es lo más puro que hoy podemos respirar.
    Te felicito. Susana.-

  41. felipe garcia says:

    excelente bendecido:
    seguiremos en sintonía,

  42. It is so nice to sit in a calm place and hear quite music ,especially,amusic of shopan ,thanks alot

  43. it’s soft and strong at he same time, sad and magic! for me the best song ever!

  44. I love this particular piece from Chopin. It takes me away to somewhere before our world got too complex and busy. I picked up the piano 7 months ago and played a water down version of Nocturne for my first recital. It wasn’t Nocturne in Eb for sure but…my audience approved. My goal is to play Nocturne in Eb

  45. I love the way you played this. But the recording runs into some static on some high notes for some reason.

  46. when i hear this it allows me to think clearly i have a great appreication for this music

  47. Whenever I’m feeling sad or in a peaceful mood this is what I like to listen to. I love classical music, these were very gifted people.

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