Liebesträum | Dream of love

recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Liebesträume is a set of three piano works by Franz Liszt. Published in 1850, Liebestraum refers specifically to the famous No. 3.

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Liebesträum consists of three sections, each separated by a fast cadenza. The same melody is used throughout the entire piece, each time varied. Near the end, the piece dies down into a final chorded section.

Liebesträum was featured in an episode of the popular Cartoon Network series Courage the Cowardly Dog. The piece also made two important appearances in the movie All About Eve. The piece was featured in Larry the cable guy: Health Inspector as well, to which Larry’s female partner kept switching his truck radio.

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  2. Not surprisingly, the best known of Listz’s compositions. I can listen to it again and again but then, I am a romantic. To boot,my mobile phone is set to it and, invariably, I feel like making my caller wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Guest says:

    Why, this was the best piece i have ever heard.

    and Mr. Jorgos, you are the best pianist who played this song more than other. it’s a perfect tempo, and sounds clear in my ears.
    And, This was LIEBESTRAUME NO.3, so don’t call this piece just “Liebestraume” because this song had 3 different parts.
    This Website didn’t post the another parts, no.1 and no. 2.

  4. Delancy McCloud says:

    Liebesträum | Dream of love… or Liebesträume. Why you, they, always forgot that the REAL and the CORRECT one is Liebesträume? whats wrong with take it some more “E” at the end?

  5. I Prefer this song than other songs that ever created. I hope someday this website will posted Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-sharp Minor(Liszt), “Heroic” polonaise (Chopin), and Hungarian dance no. 5 ( Brahms )

    • Delancy McCloud says:

      ONE POINT FOR YOU! I liked all of the pieces you wrote there. but maybe i’ll be happier when this website Post all of the famous classical songs. for piano, of course.
      Or Maybe Another piece, even when it is not as famous as Liebestraume No. 3, another piece of Liebesträume. (Liebesträum)

  6. Your Name says:

    Aaaamaaazing!!! I’ve Learned to play his songs, and… i can, but it’s not Easy at all. he’s a Virtuoso.

  7. lovely

  8. Mr. Franz Liszt (Liszt Ferenc), you’re the best pianist i’ve ever knew! I believe how fast is your hands from this song and from another songs you have been wrote!
    (1849 Scientist measure the speed of light. it’s slightly faster than Liszt’s hands (world’s history and facts, they really measure the speed of light with Liszt hands?! ridicilous!))

  9. type your name here says:


  10. A guest says:

    ó istenem, ez a legszebb dal, amit valaha hallottam.
    that was hungarian words. and futhermore, i really loves this song, and i think this was the one of the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard. (this was not the translation result of the hungarian words i wrote)

  11. Absolutely my favourite of all musics i’ve ever heard. Liebestraume.
    Excuse me, Mr. Jorgos. can you post another Liszt’s musics? such as Hungarian Rhapsody, his another symphonic poems,or his sonatas.

  12. Type your name here says:

    He left the “Lisztomania”! He was a amazing brilliant pianist in a different way to plays the piano, in a perfect tempo and great techniques. I wished i can to that, become a perfect pianist, and understand the way to play it, who needs emotions, deep feeling and sometimes, coldness. read his biography in

  13. Diana Reihnn says:

    Amazing song. it was hard to play but ok, and i really loves this song.

  14. My name? says:

    Hmmm,,, Franz Liszt, a key figure in the romantic movement; many of his piano compositions combine lyricism with great technical complextity. such a brilliant man.

  15. Type your name here says:

    My Turn.

    The classical composers are died. now, maybe there’s no one will be another famous classical composers with amazing songs.
    Lizt is a pianist, composer and a teacher. i want to be his student, how to make beautifull classical songs? and when the nature are changed,how to make it still stand by this modern era?
    Amazing composers are died, maybe forever. and if a new classical songs are created but a little bit sounds like his “Fathers”, it is not a new music.

  16. My Name is.... doesen't important to know. says:

    Lizt Ferenc( Franz Lizt) is a great Hungarian musician who made this fantastic classical song. it is still alive in this 21 th century. this song was so complicate and beautiful, and this website had the most perfect record of this song, performed by Jorgos with a perfected ending.
    With a dramatical name, Liebesträum/ Liebesträume/ Love Dream.

  17. the guest says:

    this song was popular, but why the peoples around me, like friends or family doesn’et know it?
    so complicate and beautiful. i enjoy hearing it.

  18. lovely song



  21. Roxanne Stanton says:

    I love it. I am trying to learn this piece but have a lot of trouble because I can just reach an octave so the music sounds strained when I play it. It is inspiring listening to someone who has perfected it. Thank you for posting this.

  22. maria wilhelmina l.pena says:

    i love this music(dream of love) my mum used to play this music……

  23. As a 17 year old in this day and age, I feel like it is strange for me to listen to this music, but I am in love with this piece.

  24. gina
    ¡Algo maravilloso!! Que llega a vibrar las fibras más sensibles del ser !

  25. It is said that the piano is the “King of All Instruments,” and with the playing of it by Jorgos, who would argue?

  26. yo pienso que estas personas nos an regalado lago de ellos mismos muchos sentimientos unos totales y otros encontrados y todos hermosos

  27. Sthepanie says:

    Muy hermosa , como un sueño.

  28. Jorgos, I just happenstanced on to this website…you are gift to the world! It is July 2011 – when are you posting more….

  29. Si el mundo escuchara esta música no habría guerras.

  30. A song like this is one where you close your eyes and breathe sweet air which isnt even there~!
    Must be the piano’s magic, and of course, you Jargos ;)

  31. Enrico Podsnuff IV says:

    To sleep: perchance to dream… For in that sleep of death what dreams may come…

  32. This Musical Score caresses my soul, sooths my mind and enthralls my heart for endearment !!!

  33. Useful views and worthwhile contribution. I like piano a lot. I have marked it to revisit later. If at first you don’t succeed-skydiving is not for you

  34. Everytime I hear you play my eyes tear up, Jorgos.You deserve acclaim and much more. you have such a majestic way of taking these classical pieces and bringing them to a level larger than life. i feel fortunate just being able to hear you perform. thank you for recording; through your music the presence of a true genious overflows.
    much love,

  35. Wow, Jorgos… you’re such a fantastic pianist… you’re like a gift

  36. JUAN DELGADO M says:

    ilucion amor ser existencia paz tranquilidad exito respeto esperanza eso me hace sentir experiencias de la vida q la mayoria llevamos y lleavalo y sientelo como mejor tu quieras li estimada leyente

  37. VERA AZEVEDO says:

    thank you Jorgos,for lead us in such dreaming way…

  38. VERA AZEVEDO says:

    This isn,t like the waves of the sea? Maybe the tides of the sunrises…

  39.,,your so good at playing in piano Jorgos,,i hope i could also play like you,,

  40. mari belle says:

    very captivating

  41. Maurecy says:

    Eleva-se ao seu intímo,e viaje no seus sonhos!!!


  42. This song really hard to play,very hard :). Dream of love,really ! :)

  43. its too fast and not emotional

  44. magnifique

  45. Big fan of ALL of your work. The Greats can rest easy knowing they left their masterpieces are in such capable hands. Praise all around Jorgos. Do the world a big favor and please keep them keys warm.

  46. This piece of music is light on the ears, it is sooooo sweet and kind, it makes me relaxed when i am is great

  47. Hello Jorgos,

    I enjoyed your peaceful interpretation of this music.
    I would have liked more rubati and expression in the middle part, where it was now very much in tempo and not very emotional, but in my opinion you played the first and last part of the piece beautifully.
    As a professional pianist I usually get distracted by the imperfections in people’s (and my own) playing, but this time I really enjoyed hearing you.

  48. Marietta says:

    WOWWWWW….very nice, so sweet to the ears..

    I am looking for a music sheet of Dream of Love for my mother who is 81 years old. This piece is her favorite. She still has her piano bought in the 1950s, the purchase receipt is also inside the piano and it cost Fifty pesos (in our currency) or a little over a dollar at this time. She plays Dream of Love by memory but her memory is failing. She lost her music sheet. I want to get her the music sheet.

  49. Love Liebestraum – my Dad played this piece (by ear)on our piano which I now have and also play this same song(Dream of Love)in the same manner as he did- my theme song each time I play.
    Thank you.

  50. it is great. perfect

  51. valeria says:

    el éxtasis sensible

  52. I am sooooooo excited to see Liszt here! He is such a talanted composer but often gets over shadowed by the Mozarts and Beethovens of the world! Thank you!!!

  53. this song is beautiful and sweet. it has a great mood to it. loved it!

  54. wow amazing piano skills such a happy song

  55. Well, theres more than enough here to enjoy, =D but I do look forward to more, xxx

  56. Jorgos, you are a brilliant Pianist. I wish I could play even just a fraction as well as you do. xxx

    • Thank you Charli :8) … I’ll keep on posting new recordings throughout the year, so there might be even more to enjoy next time ;-)

  57. Fabuloso!!

  58. Stephanie Eldridge says:

    Im in my own Dream…..

  59. this song is so sweeet….

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