La fille aux cheveux de lin

recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

La fille aux cheveux de lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair) is considered to be one of Debussy’s greatest and most recorded pieces.

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La fille aux cheveux de lin is Debussy’s two-page delicate musical work that may rival the Clair de lune from the Suite Bergamasque. The unaccompanied melody at the opening shines softly, followed by the mild middle of the piece that takes one away to the Chinese regions. The climax (after the build-up of rising pentatonic scales) is perhaps the piece’s most memorable moment. The parallel fourths of the final pianissimo moments are turned upside-down, rising up into the warm sun.

The Girl with the Flaxen Hair is featured in the movie Ladies in lavender, just as the TV episode of Doctor Who: The Robots of Death: Part 1 (1977).

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47 Responses to "La fille aux cheveux de lin"

  1. i love to play this song for my girl frind!

  2. I love it. This is beautiful. I’m learning how to play this NOW .


  4. Gracielle says:

    Very beautiful music.

  5. jazmeene says:

    yall all wrong this is really beautiful

  6. my favourite debussy piece without a doubt. i’ve known of it since i was a little girl, and it truly expresses the power of his works in one short piece.

  7. My name? says:

    ah,,,the world is changed. you said “shit” or “Loser”. but can you play the piano? create new songs that heared all over the world? can you make people likes your classical creations? please think about that, because it’s a good philosophy to live with, so we can more appreciate what we know.

  8. Absolute SHIT

  9. Tonight I came home to relax and read after a long day of being in school. The stop-go, money crazy society deters me from the peaceful environment I receive from simply listening to this song. Truly Debussy had a brilliant art at making music to speak to the heart of mankind. I feel blessed to have listened to this song. I am also a musician and have wonderful appreciation for this era of talent. Have a great day all who listen and continue to pass on this music to our generation. God bless!

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  11. David T. Henry says:

    Dear friends of fine music,

    La fille aux cheveux de lin (Girl With the Flaxen Hair)
    is superb. It conveys the composers sensitivity, individuality
    and genius. A welcome departure from most ‘contemporary’ music
    of today, which really isn’t music at all. It is just wretched
    noise with a beat.

    David T. Henry, Athens,Pa

    • Bryce Pulver says:

      i agree with your stance upon this piece as it truly does encompass the composers feelings and genius, but to make a statement that bashes on all of today’s music is really unfair. there is plenty of stuff that is being composed that is and maybe above some of the things that the greats composed, either technically or emotionally. truthfully most of these composers are lost in the noise of modern culture, but there will be a time again when people will praise and honor this kind of music. For i feel as if we are on the verge of a new renaissance where the music if fresh and appreciated. i am sorry that we live in a time where people are stupid enough to not recognize better things and would prefer the “wretched noise with a beat” and there are some fantastic bands/composers out there who deserve more praise but sadly again its what modern culture has shaped the listener into. so what i will ultimately say is that it’s unfair to make a statement like that when the cause to the music we hear today is all money driven by the consumer who on average doesn’t have the capacity to realize that they are being spoon fed a load of crap, but there is stuff out there that gives me hope. as a musician i appreciate your concern.

    • I respectfully disagree and think you have the worst taste in music ever.

  12. So wonderful when i bought my computer it was already pre-recorded onto it.

  13. erika :)) says:

    .’what a very nice song.. :))

  14. It’s awesome! Touching deepest strings of my heart.

  15. What a beautiful song, I just wish that my alarm clock would wake me up with the song of this beautiful piece. Instead of being scared to death, which is 1 of the top 10 reasons why people have Bad Mondays.

    • If you have an iPod, you can buy a “clock radio” (if they’re still called that) that serves as an iPod dock. You can then download this tune to iTunes, upload it to your iPod, plug your iPod into the dock, set the clock radio to play your iPod as its “alarm” and you’ll have exactly what you wished for.

    • I just did a quick check on eBay to see how much these cost. I received mine as a gift so had no idea. They run from $25 on up “buy it now” or you can probably get one cheaper than that by bidding on them until you hit the jackpot. Or you can usually find them for about the same price on other e-stores using a e-shopping price comparison search engine.

  16. Simply amazing! Out of all the recordings I’ve heard of this piece. I enjoyed this one the most! It’s hard to believe but…. I must say i personally liked it better than Lang Lang’s.

  17. Beautiful song, surprsing and sweet
    i love the piano

  18. very sweet and beautiful

  19. Excelente aporte gracias che!

  20. Es sencillamente extraordinario el escuhar los temas clásicos de estos compositores por que siento su sobresaliente espíritu

  21. Henrique says:

    No one can beat Debussy at the piano… No one… Even Beethoven, Mozart, Litz, Wagner, Chopin, Bach, Schumann…
    The same emotion that this guys puts on a entire orchestra, Debussy puts only in the piano…

    Congratulations to the performer…

  22. mari belle says:

    it is sweet and the most amazing it even touch my heart. It it slow and vibrant :)

  23. very nice Jorgos! I love this song almost as much as Clair de lune!

  24. Caroline says:

    Beautifully played, Jorgos. I love this website.

  25. that’s professional quality, well done

  26. Gorgeous. I’d only heard a guitar version before (for some reason). When I die, I want it to be listening to Debussy. Morbid but true…


  27. memento mori says:

    sounds like love


  29. job well done! such beautiful music…

  30. wow, Awesome music. It touched my heart well done

  31. i like this song very vivid, although Clair De lune is my most favorite! :)

  32. this is the theme on a portait of jennie,one of my fav flims, even if it is 60 plus years old. the composer demtrei tompkin used debussy in many flims, though clair de lune is my favorite followed by arabesque. wonderfull.

  33. such a beautiful and vivid performance. extremely visual.

    thank you.

  34. congratulations Jorgos, his performance is impeccable!

  35. the best performace!
    who plays?

    • Thanks Isaque for the compliments. I played and recorded this version of La fille aux Cheveux de Lin more then 2 years ago. I’m a huge fan of Claude Debussy. All the best, Jorgos.

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