recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Claude Debussy’s Premiere Arabesque contains elements of his impressionistic musical style, following the French visual art form.

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Debussy wanders through various modes and keys achieving evocative scenes through music. The opening arpeggio suggests a water flow eventually leading into a heavier section. After a lightening of tone, the original progression returns and varies itself, then finally resolving back.

Arabesque is used by Alicia Keys’ track Like the Sea (The Element of Freedom). It is also used in the British television show Skins. It is used in JJ’s episode, along with other Debussy pieces such as Clair de Lune. The impressionist music reflects JJ’s emotions.

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74 Responses to "Arabesque"

  1. Beautiful Piece.I would say that Debussy has just described nature through this
    song.Take the first two bars for example,it resembles a waterfall flowing.Few bars even describe an early morning scene.Anyways,a beautiful piece of work by Debussy.Brings tears to my eyes.

  2. couto filho says:

    Debussy is the origin. There are a few others I can put in this same position like Bach, for example. He is from a parallel universe, his work is not one of ours and his music coldn´t be more beautiful. When I listen to these pieces, not the romantic ones, despite their enchantment, I feel like being in Andromeda. Try “des pas sur la neige” !

  3. Joe Schmidd says:

    A piece of work.

  4. Debussy at his best. The ideal piece to introduce anyone to this great composer

  5. ….like empty plastic bags drifting, circling, dancing in a dry and gentle breeze.

  6. la pianista says:

    ojala debbusi y yo fueramos primo-hermanos,o asta ermanos.asta kiero aprender la cancion.poreso me meti en esta pagina.

    • si debussy fuera tu hermano te mandaria a estudiar ortografia!!!!!!!!!!

    • Claude Debussy te daría un rapapolvo enorme a cuenta de tu muy mal uso de nuestra lengua española. M. Debussy era un maestro de su lengua, francés, y se revolvería en su tumba si se enterara de tu ignorancia pretenciosa y pueril. Primo hermano! Ni en tus sueños!

  7. Sthepanie says:

    Inspira felicidad.

  8. Stunning. Debussy, again you have my thanks.

  9. I feel cleansed and renewed by this masterpiece.

  10. EMILIA BARRERA says:

    This song is beautiful.

    Alicia Keys plays a small part of this song in her newest album.

  11. This piece of music evokes love, simpathy, hope.

  12. debussys music helped me through a very difficult time in my life. he is truly one of the greatest composers. this piece reminds me of the river near where i grew up.

  13. Good thing a work for singers is a “song” and a work for an instrument/instruments is a “piece”. A bit fast for my taste.

  14. Violinplayer89 says:

    I find it amazing that some of the most amazing composers with the most beautiful pieces have some of the most interesting and frowned upon influences. Debussy is one of my very favorite composers and this piece is a prime example of this, but really, I’m amazed by the things he pulled out of thin air and put on paper while under the influence of Opium!

  15. I love impressionistic music, and art. Debussy is just a wonderful composer.

  16. It is so relaxing to hear this, just let’s you bath in the softness

  17. Julliet Debussey says:

    I picture myself in some modest, sensible period costume (I am feeling very Jane Austen). I’m taking in the country estate’s air and feeling quite content. The sun is rising, there is a slight chill in the air. Of course, a charming man is filling my thoughts. I smile as I walk back to the grand home. Mr. Charming arrives at the house just as I do. We just sort of look at each other like we have some sort of secret that we just won’t tell anyone else.

  18. beautifull

  19. I love the first theme in this piece. It gives me the feeling I get when looking at the stars.
    Probably because it was used in this old star gazing show
    I would be up late studying and this song would pore into my poor sleep deprived brain and it’s SO beautiful. It really taps emotions unavailable to me in everyday life.

  20. Ebru Kandemir says:

    Love actually…

  21. ahhh… so peaceful and fun!

  22. The Impressionism of Debussy is simply breath taking. I am always emotionally driven by his music. He always paints a picture!

  23. Subtly, sparklingly, lightly, brightly beautiful, yet soft and gentle – on the spirit and soul of man.

  24. Laurie Grant says:

    a piece that releases endorphin to the soul.

  25. Rainbows make me cry.

  26. abderrahim says:

    أعجبتني هذه الأغنية الرائعة و التي عنوانها : أربيسك شكرا لكم

  27. This is a treat.

  28. loved it, very beautiful. so like all the other people commenting on this page i’m following the trend and raving about it and my memories or what it reminds me of, oh well…
    it reminds me of sitting on a swing in the middle of nowhere looking up at the puffy white clouds and lying in the green grass. a happy, feel good,serene sort of place.

  29. I’ve always thought that this piece painted a very beautiful picture of a far away tent in the desert blowing very gently in the breeze… It’s a total favourite!

  30. hahah Jordan…funny comment dude…this song makes me sneeze…priceless

  31. dakotayellowred says:

    it’s’s love…sighs of the heart on the piano….

  32. Just beautiful – thank you!

  33. I love classical music of any kind but this is amazing

  34. It enhances the spirit and the soul. Brings peace and serenity.

  35. No other piece of music can stir up so many emotions, my all time favourite. Just beautiful.

  36. Ele era muito bom no piano!

    Ele é incrível.

    Seja aonde ele estiver está de parabéns.

  37. Fernando J.T.Soares says:

    Linda música , parece estarmos viajando entre as estrelas

  38. Debussy, faria aniversário hoje, caso estivesse vivo. E, coincidentemente, o meu foi ontem…

  39. Essa canção é linda, me faz chorar também, me faz sentir um misto de emoções que evocam a infância, inocência, sonhos… me evoca um baú de sensações perdidas no tempo…

    É a minha favorita também.

    Acho que é minha música clássica favorita… ouso dizê-lo.

  40. I have been exposed to this song since I was a young child. It would play during Jack Horkheimer’s Star Gazer on PBS. I was enchanted by it then and still am til this day. It reminds me of the innocence of ‘first love’ as it progresses through time…the excitement, exploration, contentment and sometimes fateful ending; but with longful reminiscing and the joy that comes when remembering your first love and how you will always cherish them. ;-)

  41. Bruna dos Santos says:

    I love Clair de lune

  42. This is such a beautiful piece. Next piece I’ll study and soon I’ll be playing it

  43. vinicius says:

    i love this song
    beause it´s realy wonderful..

    makes me cry¨¨

  44. This piece is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Very tender.

  45. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!!

  46. This piece is so beautiful.The pianist played accurately. Debussy is a fantastic composer!

  47. I love piano music and this piece is so relaxing it takes you to another world

  48. With due respect, this is not a song… It´s a piano piece! But I guess everybody listen to the piano sing! Which is probably what Debussy was looking for… so Nuff Respect to Claude!!!

  49. With due respect, this is not a song… It´s a piano piece! But I guess everybody listen that the piano is singing! Which is probably what Debussy was looking for… so Big Rescpect for Claude!!!

  50. memento mori says:

    I remember being a girl playing outside a garden with the song as beautiful as this came out, softly and never too loud. Like I mentioned, new ears for classical music. But this is just adorable

  51. This is definitely my favourite Debussy’s song!!! The sound and textures are just uncomparable.

  52. Debussy’s music always makes me think of love, true love, and living life to the fullest.

  53. wiweko aning says:

    this song makes me love someone

  54. Sometimes when I hear this song I feel like if heaven exits..
    I could listen it thousends times.

  55. I do listen to it over and over again. It takes me to another time. I’m sitting on the 8th floor looking at concrete, but it makes me feel like I’m in a forest with sunlight streaming through the trees.

  56. This song is fantastic, but my favorite is Claire de Lune, its perfect.
    I don’t have more words, Debussy was increble.

  57. mr opus says:

    this sOng makes me cry! :/(

  58. Amazing song,

    Was perfect in ‘All About Lily Chou-Chou’

  59. I love this piece ,it’s very lovey.

  60. I’ve always loved Debussy’s work-his music is so inspiring!

  61. this is the first time i’ve listened to this one by Debussy, and i think its pretty, but Claire de Lune is still my favorite. It seems more mature than this one.

  62. I could listen to this over and over again. Lovely!

  63. i enjoy this piece it reminds me of a little girls childhood or at least makes me think of it

  64. Amazing

  65. Ahh… I love this piece. Most teens don’t get stuff out of classical piano but… I love it! Especially “Claire de Lune” but, of course, this piece is fantastic! The pianist is so precise! :)

  66. Mr. Jordan

    I don’t understood what you intended to say. However … I guess your intention was good.

  67. This song makes me sneez, and I feel content like everything is right and beautiful… mostly the sneezing though

  68. This song makes me cry.

  69. This song makes me happy.

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