Clair de Lune

recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Clair de Lune is the most famous movement of Claude Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque, and comes from a poem that means “moonlight”.

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466 Responses to "Clair de Lune"

  1. These music are amazing. i will share them on my blog here:

  2. My mother put this music into my life, and through it she shall always be with me. Thanks Mom

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  5. There are only two pieces I’ve ever heard in my life that take me home. One is moonlight sonata by beethoven and the other is this beautiful piece. LONG LIVE HOME

  6. Alfonso J says:

    Clair de Lune I love this song so much! I love playing the notes of this song on my mandolin and it sounds amazing!

  7. I found this song at Twilight Saga and I love this song. this song remember my life…

  8. So little of the human population realize that music these days isn’t what it used to be. People are more into rap than the beautiful melodies from Composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Claude. What happened to good music?

    • Come on, don`t be a music snob. If you bother to look, there is great music of any genre still being made today. Try not to limit yourself to a certain type or era of music. I love classical, and rap. You just have to find certain rap that you would like. At the end of the day, people just listen to music they like, right? Just let people enjoy what they enjoy :)

    • Beeyonsay’s “bootylicious” Just typing that makes me want to have a .44 magnum meal. *cough* shoot myself in the mouth *cough*

  9. This is a very beautiful performance of this particular piece. I love how Debussy (and others in the Impressionist movement, like Faure) maneuver their way through their musical passages with so much dynamic passion. It’s romantic, but there’s also that element of sadness and solitude that weave through every note.

  10. my 2014 new years resolution is to learn to play this on the piano. Just this, I can’t play the piano but if I could just learn this I’ll be happy. x

    • My mother could play this and only this on the piano. She passed away January 14 2014 and now when I hear this I cry and smile thinking of her. Love it and the great memories it invokes.

    • You are right Karina. Peeps who do not care for this movement,
      just do not have a brain OR soul for that matter.
      one of the most beautiful piece’s I have ever heard. And I am
      73 yrs. young…

      The WORLD needs more of this good stuff. DOWN WITH RAP!

  11. It is amazing how the gifts of another person can bring so much comfort. We as a people, from different walks of life are truly blessed and inclined with inner talent which can and will make the differance in the lives of many people! We must first find our purpose and take the leaps of faith necessary to achieve our DREAM!!!

  12. This piece is a stunning reminder that music does not have to follow a metronome. Its beauty lies in its complete inability to be played by a computer. It is beyond calculation and cold analysis.

  13. Hermosa composición, hoy Google rindió homenaje a Claude Debussy y su Claro de Luna con un Doodle animado

  14. I might just be ten butt i love this so much it helps me to relax and………………..and just be me and for me thats hard so thats why i love this song all true

    to reader enjoy

    • Love this song. It is a true work of art. Beautiful and harmonious, exciting!

    • As a child of 50 myself, I too have always loved this tune, and over time I have found even greater emotional meaning as the years have passed. Enjoy My Friend!

  15. [...] Claire De Lune by Debussy and Among Angels by Kate Bush [...]

  16. Edward Nelson says:



  17. Charles Brown says:

    Well this certainly brings back the years and memories. A sandy beach in the Isle of Wight 1943. Guns are barking, enemy planes over head, flashes and rumbles. A gramophone playing Clare de Lune, I am calm and listering as I load my gun all is well with my world.

  18. Adrianna says:

    I absolutely love this song. It makes me almost cry though. It was the song my fiance used to play for me, and I loved it so much. When he left me I didn’t lose my love for the song, but it slightly altered my perspective and gave it a little bit different ambiance. I use this song as a lullaby for me and my ex-fiances infant son, I guess it’s because I love the song, but also because since his father refuses to be in his life, at least I can share this with him. I plan to get my son into piano lessons and hopefully he can one day play this song for me like his father used to..

  19. Has anyone got sheet music for this? if so please email it to me (

  20. este mundo puede ser confuso y nada sercano a lo q pensamos q deveria de ser
    pero sin embargo siempre ay algo hermoso q apreciar

    • Que obra tan bonita!
      alguien podria decirme el tipo de textura que tiene esta que lo necesito para un trabajo y no sabria identificarlo con claridad…

  21. Wow.. I love this song so much. It has a ‘history’ with me. I went through some depression and whenever I would cry I thought of this song because it just felt like the music was in pain too and it was crying with me. I play piano, and for years I never knew what that song was that always played in my head. (I guess I heard it once and it stuck with me)So, one day I decided to do some major, major searching, and after I had searched for a while I saw the name ‘Clair De Lune’ and I KNEW that this was it. That was the song. I got the sheet music and put it on the piano and started playing it (I was out of depression then) and I just started crying again, because then I found it and I was actually PLAYING it on the piano and it just hit me again. It’s such a beautiful song to me, and I will never ever forget it.. <3
    ~Stay Strong

    • Larry Leo says:

      In the movie “The Right Stuff” when the astronauts are being honored at the Astrodome in Houston by LBJ, Sally Rand does her famous feather dance and this is the background music…It causes a very poignant moment when all the original Mercury astronauts look at each other and reflect on what they have gone through together. The “highs” and the “lows” of the music make each of them and us reflect on our highs and lows as a person. Good luck to you.

    • Music is there for us to heal. God meant it to help us and inspire us. Blessings to you.

    • Good for you Natalie, it is a particularly peaceful piece which I have loved for many years, I am glad that it brings you some solace. Best of luck for the future. Tim

    • rick Castillo says:

      i am right now going through the same, im in deprssion because my agoraphobia and anxiety, and that people leave me because of that, im hearing this wonderful piece and it makes me cry, its like it trying to clean all the pain that my heart have, lets stay strong, i hope the best for everyone of you

  22. Claire De Lune is my most favorite piece of music in the world. I love music, but this one hits me in my soul.

  23. i would like to buy a 78 vinal with lebeestrsume on one side an clair de lune on the other. it,s at least 50 years old. please help thank you.

  24. Estas melodeías son realmente hermosas…relajan y cargan al espiritu con una especial energía positiva…Muchas gracias…

  25. emmanuel says:

    musica que relaa mis sentidos que bueno que existan sitios como este realmente me gusto


  27. If this does not tug at the strings of your heart, you have a hard, hard heart.

  28. Intoxicating, stairway to bliss~

  29. Javelyne says:

    Love this song ^_^

  30. Joseefinaa says:

    I <3 this song. It's make me remind a ot of goods moments! only one word for this: PERFECT :)

    PD: you with your stupids comments about this lovely song can suck it!

  31. Good choice, Steve! im sure everybody have their own opinion.
    I loves this song, this song was really wonderful and beautiful. but why i prefer Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 by Franz Liszt or Debussy’s Arabesque?
    don’t be angry, everyone must have their own comments.

  32. id rather shoot myself with a .44 magnum than listen to this poor excuse of composition.

  33. this gives me a headache

    • Then don’t listen to it if it gives you a headache. That’s ignorance. You should look up the history behind this well known and loved piece. Maybe you remember Al Pacino in the movie “Frankie and Johnny”? It is the core of the movie. Maybe on that level you can understand it?

  34. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tastes good

  35. Weatherby says:

    I’m playing this for a performance, and if it sounds half as good as this, I’ll be good.

    • You picked a WONDERFUL piece for your performance! I hope it went well. You have excellent taste!

  36. I never understood classical music until I listened to Claire De Lune. It definately changed my perspective. This composition is perfect, and the melody is beautiful. Whenever I’m having a stressful or bad day I just sit and listen to this peice and everything changes. Everything becomes more peaceful and calm. Claire De Lune changed my life in a way.

    • Arabella says:

      Too right. I’m glad to see that SOMEONE has good taste music. YOU clearly have, and I agree with you. It is beautiful.

    • I really REALLY liked your comment Desi, you’re living proof that even someone who has never been in contact with classical music, can appreciate it! Thanks!

    • Actually Debussy was a composer of the Romantic era not the Classical era, but we get what you mean.

  37. [...] for the French composer Claude Debussy of “Claire de Lune” fame, the crater itself is approximately 50 miles (80 km) wide. It was first detected by [...]

  38. [...] for the French composer Claude Debussy of “Claire de Lune” fame, the crater itself is approximately 50 miles (80 km) wide. It was first detected by [...]

  39. [...] Listen to "Clair de Lune" | solo classical piano musicI raise and show the most beautiful dogs in the world – papillons. I have a six week old female puppy who is, I believe, the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever had. [...]

  40. En su armonía esta toda la belleza y majestuosidad del universo.

  41. Cuando todo se haya ido a la mierda, siempre nos quedara “Clair de Lune”, en recuerdo de lo que pudo haber sido nuestro mundo y no fue.

  42. Try a “Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini 18th Variation”. You might also know it as the Theme From SOMEWHERE IN TIME. It is haunting and can get to you.

  43. i like this song, which is weird cuz i like more modern stuff, but ive gotta say this, why the f are you guys talking like that? seriously!?! noone talks like that anymore. soz if i sound like an asshole. btw i heard this in dog soldiers. appropriate song really. its a werewolf movie


  45. This peice alone shows the beauty of all music.
    Such a Wonderful peice!
    Neither too fast or too slow.
    I fell in love with it.

  46. Paula Rankin says:

    Upon further reflection this peice sounds like “Autumn” or as most of the world calls it “Fall”. It sounds like leaves falling from a tree and being collected by soft breeses and being carried ever so gently to the ground.

    • Most of the world? I think you mean America & Canada and that is certainly not ‘most of the world’… !

  47. Mere Words cannot describe the intense beauty of this peice of wonder. sit back close your eyes and let your heart tell you how wonderful it is. Thank you Claude Debussy for creating what can only be described as heaven here on earth.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better! My cat even knows it! He jumps up to the computer to hear it better!

  48. Close your eyes,listen to Clair de Lune and feel completely at peace. I love it.

  49. Resulta intrigante y por demás encantador cómo un tema con tantos años vividos puede aún emocionar, conteniendo en sus melodías el sentir del mundo entero, utilizando el lenguaje del sentimiento, por siempre hablado. Posee centenares de sentidos y significados, pero conservando siempre un mensaje unidireccional que el autor quiso crear. Encuentra lo más íntimo de nosotros y lo torna en unanimidad… un conjunto que sin embargo, sabe respetar las diferencias enriquecedoras de la tonada propia de cada una de nuestras voces. Sólo aplausos pueden ser destinados a tan majestuosa composición… o quizá también algunas lágrimas viajeras y aventureras que se encuentren ansiosas por recorrer nuestras mejillas; cualquiera de las dos opciones nos encontrará danzando en los pagos de la imaginación, bajo la luna confidente que puede unir al mundo entero con sólo echarle un mero vistazo.

    • Noelia, lei tu comentario y debo decirte que tu eres una poeta. Tus palabras me tocaron tanto como la misma pieza de musica.


  50. [...] made while he was ‘on hold’ forever, waiting for a person to pick up, listening to Clair de Lune. Click to listen while you follow the amazing path Niemann wandered and the many discoveries he [...]

  51. isang napakagandang musika na napakinggan ko nakakalimot ako sa aking mga probelam kapag napapakingan ko siya.

  52. me gusta porque es sentimental y muy ermoxa e y bueno felizitar al que creola musica

  53. me gusta por que es suave u con sentimientos
    bueno y agradeser al que la creo

  54. Clair De Lune appeals to any and all, with the music as soft as the most and as push and pull as the ocean waves. Heaven help your ears after you hear this piece, because you will long for it like the touch of a loved one or the scent of a spouse.

  55. Debussy é um genio eu amo a musia clair de lune

  56. I have heard this played many times before but not with the beauty and expression as this. Too many artists play the notes and some dynamics but to play with expression like this is not the same. This speaks to the soul.

  57. en estas fechas me siento depre por muchas rasones de por si me siento perdida
    y aunque esta musica me relaja bastante ahora siento diferentes emociones
    en la musica de repente siento desesperasion, soledad, angustia, tristesa de algo q se fue sin q me diera cuenta o q estoy perdiendo sin poderlo evitar yo no lo entiendo solo se q estoy en ceros o en un punto muerto pero esta musica me ayuda muchicimo

    • Necesitas una visita al psiquiatra no porque estés loca, sólo estás sufriendo de depresión y tienes que tratarte urgente, ahora hay medicación muy avanzada para controlar este problema que aqueja a millones de personas en el mundo. Hazlo y te sentirás muy bien al poco tiempo del tratamiento. Suerte.


  58. I feel that this song is a little bit faster than the others Clair de lune that I listen and I also feel that this one is the real Clair de lune. I can imagine Debussy playing in this way… I REALLY love this song. It can’t go out of my mind. It always come back in the quiet.

  59. One of my 2 favorite slow/relaxing/peaceful classical pieces – thanks for sharing! These were known as adajios in the symphonies of the “Romantic” era (Beethoven, Mozart, etc.), but were the dominant musical style of the “Impressionist” era this came from. Although Debussy hated that term for his music, that’s the label he got stuck with.

    If you really like Debusssy and this musical style, check out other Impressionist composers like Satie and Ravel, my fav Impressionists along with Debussy (good list in the “Impressionist Composers” section of Wikipedia’s “Impressionist Music”). I’m surprised that my other fav slow/relaxing/peaceful classical piece, “Gymnopédie” by Eric Satie, isn’t the first piece listed under “People Who Listen To This Also Like…” above. If you’re not familiar with that title, check it out here and I’m sure you’ll recognize the tune. It’s almost as popular as Claire de Lune, even if the title isn’t as widely recognized.

    If you’re feeling adventurous and want to hear a beautiful electronic version of Clair de Lune, check out Isao Tomita’s version on his 70′s album “Snowflakes are Dancing.” You’ll also discover that the title track rivals Clair de Lune in beauty. Not surprising that it’s also by Debussy. In fact, this whole album remains my fav electronic classical album ever.

    Yes, it’s actually possible to create electronic classical beauty although few electronic musicians do it or are capable of it. IMO – Tomita was the best at it, despite not having access to the much more sophisticated electronic instruments available today. Impressionist music seems to have been his specialty.

    • Oops, my memory fails me, but we’re talking all the way back to 1974. The track I was thinking of on Tomita’s “Snowflakes Are Dancing” album that “rivals Clair de Lune in beauty” is Track 2, “Reverie.” If you listen to it, you’ll hear why I think of this as “Snowflakes Are Dancing” – it sounds like what dancing snowflakes might sound like if they had a sound.

      I didn’t realize how popular that album was until I looked it up on Wikipedia. It was nominated for 4 Grammy awards!

    • This prompted me to listen to the whole Tomita album again after too many years. Now I remember that the entire album is Tomita’s interpretation of Debussy’s “tone paintings” (wonderful description, isn’t it?). Reminds me that another of my Debussy favs is Arabesque – you can hear a piano version on this site. I also discovered that I was wrong about Gymnopédie being available on this site, although it would make a nice addition to it. You should be able to hear it on Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora, or

      From Wikipedia: “Snowflakes Are Dancing is an electronic music album by Isao Tomita, recorded in 1974 and first released as a Quadradisc in April. The album consists entirely of Tomita’s arrangements of Claude Debussy’s “tone paintings”, performed by Tomita on a Moog synthesizer. It entered the top 50 charts in the United States, where it was nominated for four Grammy Awards in 1975, including best classical album of the year, and it was NARM’s best-selling classical album of the year.”

  60. Hard to say if I’d ever really fully appreciate this song if it weren’t for my Dad hammering away at it on his piano when I was growing up.
    But whether or not nostalgia is the main factor, it’s still one of THE most gorgeous, haunting and sublime melodies I’ve ever set ears on.

  61. awsome

  62. A beautiful expression of peace.

  63. it’s very butiful music c’est une tres belle melodie et je vais vous dire que je l’ais enntendu pour la premiere fois dans la saga twilight c tres romentic et tres beau. et sa me rappel l’la belle histoir de cette saga et puis sa la reflate tres bien .

  64. hase tiempo estoy confundida me ciento fuera de lo normal pero cundo escucho esta mucica me alluda a relajarme mucho y reconciderar

  65. this song lifts me up and locks away the memory of my favorate teachers death

  66. We played this piece at my husband’s funeral,it epitomised everything I was feeling on that day, the sadness; the anger; the sense of loss. No other piece of music could have encapsulated these feelings.


  67. rihabandtheclan says:

    complete ecstacy! makes you feel as if you are flying through the clouds

  68. I believe I first heard it in the movie “Somewhere In Time”. If there is music playing as we enter heaven, this should be playing. My all time favorite piece of music.

  69. I have loved the piano all my life and I think this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. It touches my heart.
    Thank you so much.

  70. I’m driving down the lane, out of town. The cliffs by the coast are very empty. The water looks viscious but I’m safe in my car. There are very few houses but each one I pass by looks comfortably isolated with lots of trees and foliage. All have a multitude of windows to face the ocean. Its autumn. The leaves have been turning for about a week now and the sky isn’t as blue as it usually is. It is overcast and the clouds are in the horizon. The car has streaks of water as I drive fast down the lane. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a streak of water race up the windshield. I’m wearing my most comfortable sweater. Its fluffiness is like getting a hug. I have no destination in mind but I’m excited to be out.

  71. Stephanie says:

    Esta musica me inspira sentimientos hermosos.

    • Albert Rothman says:

      I can’t argue, but I must add: I dote on Debussy, Ravel, and other such composers. Their music entrances, nurtures, and haunts me.

      • I have loved this piece for a very long time, I have finally learnt it and I now realize so many things about it that I couldn’t have noticed before, I suggest to any piano players at this level to learn the piece.

        Absolutely amazing :)

  72. beautiful!
    I love listening to music it like this,it makes me feel calm and happy!!
    This songs makes me feel all fluttery in side! :D
    It’s incrediable!

  73. jorden L Name says:

    wow i find mysellf listaning to this music when i am sad or i need to calm down it helps so much

  74. “Descobrí” esta música ontem a noite,durante uma noite de lindo luar…
    procurei por músicas relacionadas a LUA e a verdade, já a conhecia mas nunca a ouví de forma tão intensa como ontem.

    Me emocionei bastante…sentí um mixto de sentimentos…bons e ruins…rí, chorei…mas adorei!

    Uma obra linda de se ouvir, curtir e viajar.
    Agora, ela faz parte das minhas preferidas…é LINDA, LINDA!!!

  75. cuando me ciento dezesperada por las cosas que pasan y que no son lo que deberian ser
    escucho esta musica y me ase ver que ay algo bueno a mi alrededor y vuelbe
    la esperanza en los demas

  76. jesus delgado says:

    estoy buscando musica de chopin,scihubert,edrl wild,debussy,gershwin,michel block,schumann,abbe y simon,brahms,rachmaninov yvronski

  77. it reminds me of the feeling of falling in love…

  78. Sthepanie says:

    Es tan bonita que no tengo palabras para describrirla.

  79. My best friend once told “This is my story of you”… It is so beautiful

  80. [...] piece of music (at least in my estimation) as Hepburn hides around the corner listening. The music, Claude Debussy’s “Clair de lune” is so stirring it moves her to tears, and me too. That scene, that music opened my mind to classical [...]

  81. While most people think of Twilight, I think of the 1944 film Frenchman’s Creek which is based on the Daphne DuMaurier novel. I saw the film when it was first screened in London and have been entralled by the music ever since.

  82. So incredible i had to say it all again. Okay, maybe it was an accident. i hope this song is in Heaven.

  83. So beautiful. Debussy, I thank you for your ingenious mind and your enticing and heartfelt works. And I thank the artist, for you are truly gifted. You are incredible. Classical Music creates such emotion, in a most lovely manner. I had tears in my eyes listening to this. So beautiful.
    Thank you for having this to listen to.

  84. So beautiful. Debussy, I thank you for your ingenious mind and your enticing and hearfelt works. And I thank the artist, for you are truly gifted. You are incredible. Classical Music creates such emotion, in a most lovely manner. I had tears in my eyes listening to this. So beautiful.
    Thank you for having this to listen to.

  85. Cuánta paz invade el corazón esta belleza musical en estos tiempos en que todo lo que se ve en la TV, Internet y realidad es tan hostil.

  86. Es tan bella melodia !!!

  87. Sally Best says:

    When I was a child my mother would let me sit on the top steps of the living room and listen to her practice her piano. This was her favorite song and I still have the original score she played from over 45 years ago. Every time I hear it I have such sweet memories of her!

  88. I’ll leave this songs in a morning when my daughter get up. listen to this sound of piano.

  89. I raise and show the most beautiful dogs in the world – papillons. I have a six week old female puppy who is, I believe, the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever had. I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate name for her to carry her through her show career and this morning it hit me – Clair! Silkwings Miss Clair De Lune will be her name. I looked on the net and found your site. After hearing your most beautiful way of expressing this song I know that I have found the perfect name for this beautiful little starlet. Thank you!


  91. this song is very beautiful
    thank you

  92. this song is beautiful
    i love it
    thank you

  93. I love this song!
    I play piano and I’m studing it! :D

    Very Very Beautiful! ^^

  94. the best ever song of its kind.

  95. The most moving piece of work i’ve ever heard-
    *So Gentle*

  96. I think it is great! After hear the full song I could feel it’s meaning.

  97. gentry says:

    I think it is great!! You keep on playing cuz you can put out some great music

  98. dannel says:

    Even after 2 years and listening to many renditions and arrangements, Jorgos, your interpretation is still the best I’ve heard of this piece. Bravo!

  99. maxine says:

    this song was played in twilight saga: newmoon i love this song it’s so classic!

    • I love this piece of music. On my little sister’s swing, it plays this song, and so I always set it to this song. I believe that it was played in Twilight when Bella first went over to Edward’s house and walked into his room and identified this piece of music.

  100. casey anderson says:

    i really do love this peace and fur elise so beautiful.. i cant put into words just how amazing it is..

  101. It touched my heart my soul as if it was wrote for me….. makes me want to cry…..

    • Sonata Luvr says:

      Spencer Tracy plays Claire De lune in the movie Without Love (1945) starring himself, Catherine Hepburn and Lucille Ball. I fell in love with the song as soon as Spencer started to play. I can relate to Catherine Hepburns reaction of bring tears to her eyes……………

    • I used to rock my nieces to sleep to this beautiful melody and this was my wedding song. I walked in on my father’s arm to be wed to the man I love. It has always brought me to tears and always will. SERENITY is all I can think and how BEAUTIFUL!

      • Harvey Ledger says:

        Mari. I just heard this song on a commercial on TV. The name instantly popped into my head, though I couldn’t remember where or when I heard it before, so I went on the net to see if I could find out. I had it in my head as a Hoggie Carmichael song. I’m 62 years old, and must have sean the movie with Spenser Tracy when I was very young. Appearantly it left as big of an impression on me as it did you.

    • Grace Yu, I have always felt that this piece tells my story, I can’t explain how I feel inside better than this piece does. I’ve always felt it belongs to me. I love it.

    • Gung hay fat choy to you Grace YU
      this Clair de lune is such a beautiful
      our daughter plays this DeBussy song with
      such soft expressions
      we are just glad that someone plays the piano in my family
      If you have not seen the movie…De LOVELY… do so by all means

  102. the first time i heard this song…. i immediateley fell in love with it….can’t get enough of it….

  103. Ahmed Kamel says:

    My dad was in show biz and one night with a full moon, 6000 spectators and in an open air stadium, he brought a blind pianist on stage to play this song and when he started, he turned all the lights off. It was magical.
    Thank you to this website for the free download, in the tough world we live in, it sure is nice to revist one’s senses.

  104. Kristine says:

    So peaceful. I have listened to this continually all day. I never tire of hearing it. Played with so much emotion.

  105. [...] for the French composer Claude Debussy* (of “Claire de Lune” fame), the crater itself is approximately 50 miles (80 km) wide. It was first detected by [...]

    • Kristine says:

      The song you think about when you die and enter the pearly gates–will be this most definitely. An inner peace and calmness overcomes my entire being. Cannot get enough of this masterpiece. One of our greatest sounds we will ever have the privilege of hearing…thank you for your genius Claude Debussy

  106. My mom’s favorite song on the piano. I think of her every time I hear it.

  107. Fernanda says:

    Lindo, Lindo, lindo… nao importe o que se goste, mas nao se pode nao gostar de uma obra como esta!

  108. flash1128a says:

    the clarity and simplicity of this beautiful piano piece leaves one at peace with the world! In a world, so mixed up with wars and techno barrage, it enkindles such a peaceful moment.

  109. Potchi Canamaque says:

    i know this song, my grandmother used to play so often this when I was a kid and hearing it after so many years bring tears to my eyes.

  110. mauro rissardo says:

    Clair de Lune, simplesmente um sonho trasformado em musica, eu amo

  111. Roger G. Murphree says:

    My dad is 77 years old.. January 16th.2011..had out bout with pancreatic cancer at 75…and has severe dementia.. he was a pilot for over 41 years and built his own house..when i was a kid he used to play this song…tonite he played a little of it…and brought me to tears…thanks..

    • Roger. Allways wanted to be a pilot..still do..My Mom; Her this was her favorite song….I am 63…I knew this to be her favorite piece all of my life….I played it on our piano…long ago..must play it again!John.

  112. Isabel Caldas says:

    CLAIR DE LUNE – pura emoção, tranquilidade, paz interior e sobretudo transmite felicidade.
    Descobri esta melodia atraves de um filme da saga twilight.
    É simplesmente genial.
    Obrigado por me fazerem feliz.

  113. Michael Tran says:

    Every time i listen to it, it automatically relaxes and calms me down, it also makes me feel like i have more “class”.
    Enjoy it!
    *Beautifully Performed Jorgos!*
    Thank you!

  114. Michael Tran says:

    SO beautiful, i love it

  115. I could listen to this about a million times in a row. I’ve listened to it so much I’m convinced I have. I never get tired of it. Beautiful, exquisite, amazing, spectacular, jaw-dropping, fantastic, fabulous, and totally awesometastic!!! I’m making up words I’m so excited!!!

  116. love it..especially at the first opening song..

  117. I love this piece. reminds me of my childhood. Je t’aime Clare de Lune

  118. Simply amazing! Love it…

  119. I love this piece of musical work. I especially love when it is played with such feeling. My favorite version is actually played on pipe organ. (wyncott records, 1964, William Whitehead)

  120. I agree. The movie has made it a bit “trendy”. Which is not the word I would use to describe it at all. It’s more like, “classic masterpiece”. I’m a nurse. When I worked nights, I used to love to listen to this song. It would really help me be at peace and relax after a busy night as my patients slept, dreaming their dreams, while I dreamed mine.

  121. What a beautiful song. It kind of aggravates me how a lot of people only like it because it was in Twilight, but at least it’s being appreciated. This website is amazing i just came across it and i love it. All my favorites are played so beautifully.

  122. Marcelo lópez says:

    Muy buena obra para piano. Suavidad y exelente ensamble sonoro. Excelente!

  123. In 1964 my Debussy album was stolen. Even though it was gone, they could not take it from my heart or memory. Claire de Lune has always been my favorite piece and I was thrilled to find it on 1st piano. I have listened to every version I can find and still prefer the solo piano on a Steinway.

  124. Julliet said it best …..what a wonderful piece. It can make anyone just want to take a deep breath of fresh air!! Thank you for having the site!

    • Thank you Toni. Its nice to see others appreciate this fine piece of music. We all have our own reasons but the great thing is that we can all keep the music and share it at the same time.

      I’m quite grateful for this website as well. I’m glad I stumbled across it. Jorgos I am indebted to you for formulating a brilliant compilation of music.


  125. My Mother used to play this for me..(RIP Mom)
    It’s one of my favorites to listen too..
    You’ve made listening to this a real treat! Thank you so very much.

  126. This is the best piece of music to hear at the end of a chaotic day. Its a break encapsulated in just a few short minutes.

    We are so lucky to be graced with music – especially like this. It sometimes reminds me of the sunrise, or the way rain makes tracks on the windshield during a down pour as I’m driving.

    The moment is always amazing.

  127. Beautifull…the best, brings me piece and makes me love the liFe the way it need to be…wonderfulll…I LOVE IT!!!

  128. Miss Clown Feet says:

    I promise to stop stealing moments of your life
    when you stop stealing so many moments of mine.
    Although, I can’t really complain,
    because everytime you steal a moment-my heart smiles,
    along with my lips and sometimes I laugh outloud.
    Just cause the moment makes me happy. I love it.
    Please don’t stop. Now, if you would just hold me-
    that would be my heaven. I promise to hold you close.

    P.S. You mentioned nothing of your heart. How is it?
    And how is mine doing I might add? As, it is you who has it.

  129. i’m loving both the simply sublime music, and the poetry of Miss Clown Feet.

  130. Michael says:


  131. bojingle says:


  132. miss clown feet says:

    you race through my mind like a burning flame and instead of diminishing your flame seems to intensify each and every time you steal a moment of my life with my every memory of you. your heart is so beautiful.

  133. Simply HEAVEN, i’m not fond of this kind of music, but this song…. completely changed my mind….

  134. This is an absolutely wonderful PIECE. I couldn’t imagine how horrible this would be if it were a song…

    Most definitely one of his most renowned imagery pieces, and although quite beautiful and flowing, also quite simple to play. The most amazing thing about it is the fact that Debussy has an extremely simple melody, but the simple arpeggiated harmony adds an unfathomable depth to the piece that is nearly incomprehensible.

  135. E atat de frumoasa…as ascult-o mereu.Debussy..mereu ma linisteste.Imiplace mult aceasta melodie

  136. I wish you would be available for a performance @ Festival plein 7 in The Netherlands! :-)

  137. Fátima says:

    Essa música é linda !!! Sempre venho aqui para ouví-la mais uma vez.

  138. Miss Clown Feet says:

    This song makes my heart smile. Never imagined my beauty coming anywhere close to this song’s beauty. Thank you. I am grateful for the moments we shared. And for you holding me and I you. Maybe we will find each other again in our own little bit of “clair de lune” someday. Be happy, in all that you do. Okay, so when I am looking for peace, I always find comfort in another favorite of mine, one of Emily Dickinson’s poems that begins with; “Hope is the thing with feathers…”. Maybe it will bring you comfort too.
    Till we meet again. :)

  139. Most beautiful piece of music ever written..first heard it at 5yrs old …70 yrs later still my favourite

  140. simply beautiful

  141. This song is as beautiful as the people who enjoy it

  142. 3d Gallery This song played in the approiate place in “Frankie and Johnny” with Al Pacino. Beautiful Song, relaxing.

  143. This song softens and lifts ones heart. It feels like it came directly from heaven.

  144. GREAT SONG!

  145. Pandora says:

    this is a song for the ages, for the romantic night and for the downtrodden spirit. the musical notes are close to the broken-hearted.

  146. It so wonderfull to hear it very morning, it make me excited to start a new day…..

  147. its very beautiful song.

  148. Old Shakey says:

    I have lived seven decades and have enjoyed this tune all my life. Before I retired I used to play a recording of this at work. It is always relaxing. Especially in a busy auto repair shop.

  149. Extcetera says:

    like, OMG!!! i ALWAYS listen to clair de lune!! it is my all time fav!!

  150. bellisima, hace que tenga que dejar todo solo para oirla^^

  151. I love this. My mother used to play this on our piano when I was a young boy. Thanks!

  152. Exquisit, serene and gentle. Makes me feel as if I’m in the presence of God. What a wonderful gift.

  153. Priscilla martinez :D says:

    This song makes me so calm all the time. It fun to hear when your all stressed out, but this song is absolutely amazing. It has alot of…. sentimental value.

  154. maravilhosa…………. ouvi pela primeira vez no filme Crepusculo………. não deixei + de ouvir…… linda …

  155. Is a perfect song for my ears that to listen on my life & my heart shudders.. wow!


  157. Es una hermosa…melodía…que me llega al alma…me da paz…

  158. Great artists, great songs… Really, able to calm a giant, and wake up a little criature… Impossible dont reverence a art as it.

  159. That´s so fantastic prelud from all the times. When I hear that i feel my hearth full like a baloon calling me to fly with him…
    to the skies… forever and ever. Shame that´s only for a while… by the way, for myself, that moment stands at the eternity.

    Wanna play Debussy with me? Just call.

  160. marina de oliveira nery says:

    amo demais ,,, cemecei a gostar a pouco tempo , assim que assitir o filme “crepusuclo” .

  161. Beautifully played! I’m learning this for my next recital, and have had many peaceful moments during practice. My family has also commented on it’s beauty. Unique!

  162. Martha Lugo says:

    Quisiera escucharlos todo el día pero solo puedo hacerlo pieza por pieza. Que puedo hacer?

  163. Martha Lugo says:

    Preciosa página, gracias


  165. conoci la pagina por el buscador. esta muy buena y la musica es de primera. muchas gracias y saludos cordiales. !

  166. music is love
    music is sadness
    music is anger
    music is an extension
    of passionate emotions
    felt through vibrations,
    smooth, melodic, harmonic
    playfullness of sounds
    that leaves one trembling
    intense in its own feeling

  167. made in heaven i think always brings tears to my eyes

    • Like all masterpieces, clair de lune has the power to evoke tears, melancholy and wonder.

      I re-discovered the joy of the piece from my 2 year olds cd of lullaby music.

      some nights I let this repeat all night so she can slumber among the Angels.

  168. This piece reminds me of light rain drops falling on a sunny day. Children playing on the lawn trying to catch a drew drop with their tonge. A women sitting close by watching her children playing in the rain. With a heavy heart, she dries a tear, for she will never see her lover again and thinks to herself are these rain drops prehaps his tears from heaven.

  169. Im not really fan of the classic music but I most to say this is a piece of art , not just because it’s unbelievable, it’s because tell you so much it’s like a true love history , tell you every detail of everyting and i want to think the one artist like him has to be in love to wrote someting that beutiful .

  170. always takethe timeof day to listen tosomethin seet n worth listenin to

  171. I Have to say thatthis is a very sweet tune to listen to n especially ifu r havin a bad day. it clears my mind n erases everthing from my mind to where im thinking peacefully as if the musiq is speaking to me in a clam way.i feel easy-going n quiet n like i not want to fall asleep,but want to rest my eyes for a heavenly napof sweetness

  172. Debussy was touched by a angel, for sure.

  173. tis is one of my favori classic

  174. This song is so beautiful. I hear nothing else when it’s playing, just total peace. I Love it.

  175. I have to say, your playing is exquisite! This song reaches down to my soul…sad and sweet at the same time. I am not, nor have I ever been a classical music person, not for any reason except that I was never given the background to appreciate it. However this song could easily make me one. Beautiful. Thank you.


  177. Julliet Debussey says:

    Emilio Torres… I know how you feel. I don’t have 7 decades of great stories or memories but I have about half. I don’t think I will ever tire of this beauty. Nothing has or will ever capture my attention the same way.

  178. Adorooo!Debussy, faz me sentir apaixonada mais e mais por musica classica .


  180. makes me feel moist

  181. DR. Yves Paul M. Montero says:

    this is the music of tears and happiness..the music of love and pain…the music so mysterious and riddle to ears… the message is very vague…but if you look upon the life of the composer…you can comprehend the message of his imaginations and dreams….

  182. hermosa interpretacion en piano y la escuche por primera vez en la pelicula crepusculo que ademas me encanto

  183. Emilio Torres says:

    I fell in love with Clair de Lune as a child almost 7 decades and even today when I hear it, I am mesmerized by its beauty and gentleness. How fortunate we are all to bath our senses in such incredible beauty.

  184. This wonderful piece was featured in Twilight. And it really does have that twilight-ish feel.

  185. I have always loved this piece. There is something truly magical about it. I feel a deep relaxation when I hear it and the piece builds I feel powerful in my relaxed state. Sounds strange, to be sure, but I love it.
    What’s even cooler is the fact that we almost have the same name. It was meant to be.
    I don’t think I will ever get tired of hering Debussy’s music at all. This piece of music has opened so many doors to classical music. And for that, I am greatful.

  186. Beautiful !! Moves me in so many ways !!

  187. Beautiful !! Moves me in so many ways !

  188. Eu so tenho 12 anos e ja amo Claude Debussy!!!

  189. Victor Santos says:

    Parece Nocturne! Love! Love!

  190. es lo mejor que he escuchado en mucho tiempo.
    se la he mandado a mi marido.
    tengo 23 años y es maravillosa una cancion.
    hace que me sienta mas cerca de mi marido.
    Hace que mi corazón lata cada che un poco mas por él.

  191. ıt makes me happy and power.This is one of favorites.My heart warm

  192. cesar erasto says:


  193. This song features in Oceans 11 when the group stands infront of the Bellagio’s fountain. A lovely song, quite apt for the romantic era of music


  195. Mariangela says:

    This is one of my favorites, I can feel power in the sound, my heart is warm and quiet now…

  196. This is one of my favorites. Softy,romantic and a little sad, but warm my heart.

  197. I listen to this every chance I get. Not just my ears but my heart listens too

  198. BranFlake says:

    You should want to listen to this song because of the great tune and how it was geniusly composed; not because of some movie with no plot.

  199. I wanted to listen to this because of Twilight….

  200. Uma melodia que nos toca o coracão e a alma vc sente a vibração , o amor existentes em nós belissimo…

  201. gotoshilt says:

    such a beautifull pianoo.. lovee it …. sometimes makes me cry… );
    chopis is good, too. he got Prelude in E-Minor (op.28 no. 4) gb
    hermosooooooooo pianooooo me encantaaaaa una de las mejores que he escuchado tambien escuchen Prelude in E-Minor (op.28 no. 4) es buenisima!! salu2

  202. I heard this the first time as a child in the fifties when my mother played this in our home during one evening.

    It was wintertime with guts of winds and rain making their noise against the window glass.
    When I hear this piece it all comes back to me……

  203. Indeed, Vincent. It is really amazing how music can touch us and bring us to a state of communion. We are so different, and yet so alike. Such beauty gets me close to God, for I myself am nothing in such a beautiful universe. Brazilian hugs.

  204. One of the most beautiful pieces
    of music ever created. “Claire de Lune”.
    This is truly a gift from God
    for the ears and heart.

  205. Clair de Lune says:

    Bellísima pieza.

  206. Wonderful! Just when you feel you’re about to unravel, something to bring the sweet things in life back into focus.

  207. “Frankie and Johnnie”, Ocean’s Eleven”, and “Twilight”

  208. Who cares if it is in Twilight? It’s just a movie. (but, I also like it) Clair De Lune is just a wonderful song, but even more than that

  209. this song is like a dream. Like heaven.

  210. Alexis Navarro says:

    É fascinante o facto da Música ter tanta influência sobre o humor.

    Esta, em particular, acalma-me bastante. É tão doce…

    OBS: Tema usado na publicidade do Channel nº 5 (starring Nicole Kidman). ^^ Reconheci-a imediatamente.

  211. Me Encanta me quedoo Cortaa!!! es espectacular me transporto a otra dimension escuchando a Debussy… Definitivamente sin la musica existiria otro motivo para estarlocos!

    me gustan los sitios asi i ps que haya gente tan chevere q le guste tmb esta musik! i eso q solo tengo 15 años me muero por tocar el piano asi

  212. from the first notes till the last one, i’ve been paralized, totally involved in this wondrous melody… perfection can be real

  213. Clair de Lune – Beauty, pure Beauty! I can listen to this forever!!!!! It makes you escape into a place were there is peace and tranquillity. I love it!

  214. Quando escuto Clair de Lune, sinto paixão pela vida. Acredito que paixão não é um sentimento triste ou alegre, mas o mais profundo sentimento da alma, o grito mais eloquente de dor a lágrima mais doce de ternura, do ardor da alma ao gélido instante presente.
    Clair de Lune, expressa pura Paixào, tão pura sinestesia e sinfonia da alma, que nem as mais belas palavras podem explicar a sinestesia de tais notas músicais, devido a tamanha força e veracidade que expressa a alma.
    Clair de Lune, pura paixão, ambas só podem ser ouvidas, sentidas, tocadas, degustadas, mas jamais expressadas.


  216. wow im glad there is a site where I can hear some actual music this is great

  217. Claude Debussy says:

    alas i am great, yet ye cannot say that i am better than the great Beethoven, or Mozart, or Chopin, surely i am simply another note on the never ending spectrum of life.

  218. Claude Debussy says:

    aww, la belleza de este tipo, awww vez en mi vida nunca he sentido tan inspirado! Grace oh gracia, cómo es que se puede pintar un cuadro con el marfil de elefante solamente, y la mente de un genio. Cuando yo me muera, esto debe ser visto como el pasado y la mejor canción de siempre escribió. Hasta entonces ….


  219. Claude Debussy says:

    aww, beauty like this, awww once in my life I have never felt so inspired! Grace oh grace, how it is that you can paint a picture with only elephant ivory, and the mind of a genius. When I die, this must be seen as the last and greatest song i ever wrote. Until then ….


  220. Claude Debussy says:

    aww, la beauté, comme celle-ci, awww seule fois dans ma vie je n’ai jamais senti aussi inspiré! Grace, oh la grâce, la façon dont elle est que vous pouvez peindre un tableau avec seulement de l’ivoire d’éléphants, et l’esprit d’un génie. Quand je mourrai, ce fait doit être connu comme le dernier et le plus grand i morceau jamais écrit. Jusque-là ….


  221. JUAN DELGADO M says:

    se puede relacionar a nuestros sueños q mas anhelamos en nuestras vidas nos invita soñar. a sentir esa paz que llevamos en nuestros corazones sentir el amor q nos rodea y conpartilo con los demas

  222. very inspirational. i absolutely adore this peace. it has such feeling and emotion.

  223. French for “Moonlight”

  224. does anyone know what the song’s real meaning is? like Debussy’s thoughts while composing it?

  225. Simplismente maravilhosa essa melodia…

  226. CLAIR DE LUNE, tem uma melodia aconchegante, simples e forte eu não entendo de musica classica, mas gosto dessa melodia. Musica de verdade e nao essas que so sabem defamar e riduculraizar as pessos.

  227. Toca o coração!

  228. esto es puro amor y tranquilidad es ta n bello que cuando lo escho me atrevo a soñar con cuentos de adas

  229. Es una cancion verdaderamente hermosa
    me gusta mucho

  230. 0ola
    la cancion
    de debussy es la cancion mas
    bonita que he escuchado me encanta .
    debussy-claro de luna es la cancion que mas me llega al corazon es ta bonita que no podria drecribirlo mejor
    es ta linda

    me encanta♥:)


  231. Judith Ostergard says:

    I am a piano player and was raised on this type of music by my parents. They constantly played this tune. There is no one as good as Claude Debussy. His piano is like candy melting in the mouth.

  232. Alexis Boudreau says:

    This song is beautiful. i am going to have it played at my memorial after I am cremated. I’d like friends and family to remember me this way.

  233. Nesskimo (Sheffield UK) says:

    An absolutely beautiful piece of music. Always a means of escape for me :-)

  234. this is the most beautiful song i have ever heard.It touches my heart..I feel the heaven in every musical notes:)

  235. First time I recall listening to this piece was at EPCOT in the French Pavillion movie. They had the wide screen and it was so clear. Perfect music for the perfect photography. Love the music.

  236. É perfeita… is perfect !!

  237. hola, la verdad es ke es un verdadero artista, su musika inspira, da un momento de paz, remueve muchos hermosos sentimientos, wow, la verdad es ke es realmente inspirador. gracias debussy por regalarnos tan bellas melodias

  238. Flora in California says:

    This is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard, played to perfection..

  239. iloveclassicmusic says:

    This is awesome. I have been listening to this for inspiration and its really got me going. Thanks!! :)

  240. Rafaelclasico says:

    junto con el nocturne op.9 nro 2
    de Chopin
    los dos me llegan al alma

  241. Rafaelclasico says:

    que hermoso este tema
    junto con el nocturne op.2 de Chopin lo consideros los mas hermosos

  242. wie siht debussy den aus ??????????? xD hahahahahaha

  243. FLORENCIA says:


  244. Misty Howell says:

    I have been trying to find this. How do I purchase it? Please mail me back!!! Thank you.

  245. Finally! The person playing this has perfect use of tempo, suspense, echo, and mood. I love it! IS this available to purchase? Mail me please. Thanks.

  246. tiomicky says:

    donde esta el amor ahi esta debussy, el amor puro como tal, con todas sus imperfecciones y todos sus malos momentos , pero el amor puro perdona todo eso y escuchando esta melodia sobre todo “claro de luna”

  247. Lynne Mullins says:

    This is a lovely piece of music. I’m very glad it was in Twilight. I have just recently found out that I truly enjoy classical music. The emotions are amazing!

  248. Dr. Yves Paul M. Montero says:

    This is one of the masterpieces of Debussy…and no wonder its one of the masterpieces in Classical Music.

    A loving and peaceful music… i wonder what’s in the mind of Claude while composing this beautiful moonlight sonata. but i’m sure he is floating under the inspiring luna.

  249. Fabíolla Motta says:

    Não há palavras que descrevam a beleza dessa composição! É MARAVILHOSA! E CLAUDE É O MELHOR!

  250. makes me cry. makes me full of passion and movement. Like my heat cries out and sways to the love inflicted on the song

  251. this song makes my heart burst with feeling and movement

  252. I love this… All of them infact. Recently started piano, I can only dream that I will one day be anywhere as close to how absolutely amazing and beautiful this sounds!

  253. simply breath taking…=)

  254. Simplesmente inebriante! A maneira como nos conduz a uma leveza e a fantasia é divino.

  255. Love da song! ^_^ I want to lern how to play it. ***

  256. classicslover says:

    this is really romantic.
    i found a good album of Debussy piano music

  257. Rachel Grace Elizabeth says:

    This song is absolutely breathtaking. When I read that Edward Cullen loved this song in Twilight, it reminded me of how much I love Debussy. He was an amazingly talented composer. His music touches deep.

  258. This left me with my jaw dropped. I simply sat, for five minutes, utterly enveloped in the music. This is truly the greatest and most moving music that I have ever been lucky enough to hear.

  259. It’s beautiful! I love it! Claude is a genius,and is amazing!

  260. this is an amazing song!

  261. this is an absolutely amazing song. I knew this song way before it came on the twilight soundtrack, and I jumped with joy when I found out it was on the twilight soundtrack!

  262. I first heard this in piano class, then later in the clooney/Pitt Ocean’s 11-13

  263. jessica ricco says:

    a musica é leve te traz boas lembranças de dá paz…
    é muito relaxante …

  264. there are absolutly no words to describe this song…i like the piano a lot and this is one of my favorite songs…i love twilight..and i almost cried when i listened to this…no hay palabras que describan esta melodia… es una de las mejores!!!


  266. this is most beautiful. And deff. calms me down when I’m upset/mad. This IS a masterpiece. It has made me listen to more piano and play the piano. I love Claude Debussy, and this amazing work, Claire de Lune.

  267. I think this is beautiful, why would people be upset it is in twilight? It is a masterpiece. It has inspired me to listen to more piano. It has nothing to do with Rob P. or the movie. I would have listened to it without twilight and I am glad it is in there. It took a little bit for me to understand what name they were saying because it is hard to here it in the movie but worth the asking. Good job Jorgos!

  268. i love your music’ so much… you are incredible

  269. to bad so many people are upset by this being in twilight. i would not have ever heard this or known of him if not for that movie. i think this is lovely and now want to hear more.

  270. Shakespearita says:

    Wow!!!! No me canso de escucharla una y otra vez… Es realmente exótica esta pieza, llena de sentimientos y emociones muuuuy agradables…. Me relaja. Escùnchenla… Es que es tan sublime, algo fantástico….Glorioso y magnífico. Es una pieza tan distinta a la de Bethoven, pero no por debajo de la ya mencionada pieza. Es como leer un libro de William Shakespeare…. son realmente FANTÁSTICOS Y AMBOS ME ENCANTAN POR IGUAL!!!!!

  271. Shakespearita says:

    Esta es una pieza hermosa, es una de mis piezas favoritas de mùsica clàsica.Es una verdadera belleza esta pieza, me hace sentir tan relajada y tranquila, yo la recomiendo ampliamente para escuchar a solas y pensar, o solo para relajarse y dejar pasar el tiempo.Es una verdadera exquisites de buen guto, y refinamiento de oído. Me encanta…

  272. i love this song! it reminds me of my life. i got reminded of this song when i saw twilight. i didnt really like ocean eleven. kristen stewert was a horrible actor. she kept blinking and i thought i was weird how she always kept her mouth open. it looked like she had bad breath and she was trying to get edward to smell it.

  273. nicole says:

    i love you mom(jessica). its almost mothers day. we all love you. i love this song. i heard it from my mom when i was little and i have loved it ever since.
    second child first duaghter

  274. nicole says:

    i am rewriting because i mest up. my name is nicole and i love this song i am rewriting also to tell my mom jessica that i love her.

  275. niclole says:

    i love this song! i now want to learn it. i heard it first by my mo cuase she used to play it when i was little and then i heard it in twilight and it reminded me how much i love this song. in twilight there were lots of good songs but this was the only one that jump out.


  277. i really hope that other people appreciate this piece as much as i do! it is just a gorgeous, brilliant piece…you must be crazy if you don’t like it! it was played wonderfully…i never get tired of listening to it

  278. Caroline says:

    It was Clair de Lune that inspired me to learn to play the piano….it’s a long way away before I’ll ever come close to playing it as beautufully as Jorgos, but I can only hope. Magnificent!

  279. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE this song. I’m learning how to play it and I can practice all night without getting tired of it. It just puts me in a lovely place. Beautiful playing Jorgos!

  280. excelente Debussy.Dos películas usaron el tema Clair de lune:”Frankie & Johnny” y la nueva “Crepúsculo”

  281. Jean Baptiste Baudrillard says:

    Ces`t magnifique!

    I could say more, but all the efforts will be in vain.

  282. Sadly people associate this song with twilight people don’t realize it was in Ocean’s Eleven as well, but besides it being a wonderful masterpiece that obviously Hollywood has recognized it is beautiful from start to finish-I love it-it’s calming and wonderful.

  283. FallingRain says:

    Give us the feeling, that love really exists.

  284. the feeling of love and adoration pure genius. masterpiece.

  285. Alisia Piano Fanatic says:

    This piece made my heart melt. I fell in love with the sound, the piece tells a story of beauty and a reason there is music in this world. I thank the virtuso DeBussy for making me believe in pure love and passion in his exquiste song Clair De Lune.

    • I agree. In a world devoid of romance, it is wonderful to hear such music that stirs the heart. Thank you Claude Debussy, I would never have made it through Nurse training without the healing effect of this music.

  286. Victoria Sutherland says:

    Ini merupakan suatu karya yang indah. cantik, dan sangat mengalun…
    saya sangat suka dengan lagu ini saat pertama kali mendengarnya…
    It’s really an amazing song

    • Anonymous says:

      Astaga, betul sekali, tetapi mengapa harus memakai nama samaran? nama asli anda Victoria Sutherland?

  287. Kinda pissed that this song has been tainted with Twilight, because it’s better than that. i never get tired of listenning to it. lovely.

  288. first time i heard it was when i saw twiligth movie. just a simple, i love it.

  289. this piece is a masterpiece made to demolish exasperation. simply put it is enrapturing from the first note to the last.

  290. There are no words to describe this it is simply awsome; amazing i love piano music but this is a whole new genre.

  291. By far the most beautiful haunting music I have ever heard. De Bussey is a genius.

  292. If Edward Loves it i shure love it, listening to this brings me closer to him it funny how great things come across your path

  293. There are no words…this is beautiful

  294. muy linda me relaja mucho escuchar a claude debussy

  295. Sentimento de vida e felicidade o que não ando sentindo a um bom tempo! Recomendo outras musicas de Clayde Debussy! é perfeito.. Como beethoven em FOR ELIZE ou 9ªSinfonia!

  296. Auto-estrada para sonho de primavera

  297. was really great..


  298. Antes que nada por ahi lei un comentario que insinua que Debussy lo escribio, temo decirles que estan equivocados pues fue Beethoven quien la escribio, espero que ustedes puedan confirmarlo por su cuenta.

  299. Maria Gabriela says:

    sou suspeita em falar desta música, para falar a verdade, cheguei aqui por uma obra de Deus, se eu lhes contar, nunca iriam acreditar.

  300. I am just beginning to enjoy classical music. This song is so peaceful. Thank you.

  301. memento mori says:

    I am new comer to classical music. Perhaps this song is my first love

  302. memento mori says:

    I am new comer to classical music. But this is what sublime is

  303. ME encantaria tocar como el

  304. Um romance que estou lendo me despertou a curiosidadde sobre esta composição.
    Agora que a conheci diria que ela é complemtamente envolvente, sedutora ,versátil , capaz de representar todas as formas de amar!
    Vou querer conhecer mais sobre toda a obra de DeEbussy.

  305. I find it amazing that one song can such a varied reaction in everyone. I love this music…it speaks to my soul and says so many things without having to use words.

  306. I watch a movie and this song come up. I really wanted to find the name of the song and I watch the subtitle and got the name. I been listening to this song over and over. I feel my stress is far behind me. I can’t wait to learn how to play this wonderful song.

  307. Is there anyway I can download this on to my ipod? I’m new at this.(claire de lune)

  308. So very beautiful. I listen to this piece played by Tomita every night before going to sleep.

  309. God save Debussy…

  310. yo no se vosotros pero esas pausa y como sube de tono me relaja muchisimo

  311. Me encanta este tipo de música es sumamente relajante y me acompaña en mis actividades cotidianas, sobre todo cuando deseo relajarme.

    Debería de escucharse más de este tipo de música, ya que la música clasica nos permite volar por medio de nuestra imaginación al agudizar los sentidos.

    I will like to received this kind of music because it is amazing!!!

  312. Pollyana says:

    Eu adoro essa musica. Geralmente eu a escuto antes de dormir ou ate mesmo quando estou fazendo do Dever de ksa de matematica. Ajuda a raciocinar e a pensar com clareza.
    Serio, eu amei. Principalmente quando a colocaram no repertorio do Crepusculo… Ficou linda demais…

  313. Absolutely beautiful. I think you have solved my insomnia troubles this will definately help to relax into a deep slumber. Amen

  314. Carlos Coeffé says:

    Esta melodia es preciosa como me gustaria que se escuchara mas seguido en las radios música como esta para parar un poco la violencia de este mundo y elevar nuestras conciencias hacia el amor…

  315. cest bien a la musique

  316. Ah, the ever so famous Clair de Lune.

    Even if I found out about this site so late I have always found Clair de Lune one of the best pieces.

    It can be played over and over again and you wounldn’t mind if it did. You’d lose yourself one minute then find yourself the next.

    I love how it makes us reflect on life mostly on the little things that brings us happiness and makes us open our eyes and be thankful.

    I imagine myself lying on a hilltop of soft green grass along with other beautiful flowers. I raise my palm to shield my eyes from the sunlight after a cloud passes by. I sit up and smile, watching the people below smile and laugh at the simplest of things. But then, as I shift my head and see other people who are lost in the shadows and are in need of guidance resulting to frowning lips and endless tears. I close my eyes and raise my head, then silently say a prayer to give a little push to those in the shadows.

    That’s Clair de Lune, a piece where you imagine and express.

    I love getting lost in classical music.

    Honestly, I listen to this before I sleep, along with all my other favourite classical pieces.

    I am quite saddened that not everybody have the chance to hear such a piece, and some don’t even appreciate it. Sigh.

    You played this piece wonderfully. Thank you.

  317. This music makes me so happy. It brings happiness into my life and makes me forget all the bad stuff that happens. It reminds me of all the things i like.

  318. Clair de lune de Debussy, es la música mas perfecta y sublime jamás creada.

  319. this song is so loving. it makes me think of a summer romance. its beautiful.

  320. I have heard this song many times over the years but never knew the name of it.

    I recently heard it on a automobile commercial and found myself waiting for that commercial to come on just to hear the music.

    I know it has been used in many movies and just happened to watch a DVD where it was played again. I waited till the end of the movie to see the credits and saw the name of the song and that led me to this website.
    I love this version with the piano.
    The song makes me feel at peace and gives me a cozy, warm feeling inside.
    I know I will play it over and over.
    Thank you Jorgos.

  321. Shirley says:

    Makes my heart flutter:)

  322. i love each one of this songs…

  323. Yes, it’s beautiful, but so it “the Lark Ascending” byu Vaughn Williams, Moonlight Sonata by beethoven and severl other pieces

  324. this piece is so beautiful. . . . . . very soothin. . . . .!!!! lovely :D

  325. una pieza de arte. Sin más palabras, le agradesco demasiado por haber creado esta obra tan inigualable.

  326. s.stromberg says:

    I was wondering who performed this piece? It is beautiful and I wanted to use it for a university assignment. It is an incredible piece of music and I agree..we just don’t make amazing music like this anymore!!!

  327. es hermosa vibra muy alto el espiritu!!

  328. So beautiful and peaceful. It’s like lying in a field of green grass with a soft cool wind looking at the deepest blue sky full of white puffy marshmellow clouds…….

  329. I’m from argentinaa, but I like writing in english, so this song is too beautiful to be written by a human, I can’t believe it. thanks for let me hear it here

  330. This piece makes me think of quiet things, like raindrops dripping off sunny leaves, walking through a field of wildflowers and brushing my hands along the tops of them, or watching a bird soar. I can even picture two people at a sidewalk cafe leaning toward each other in quiet conversation, oblivious of their surroundings. I like this evocative music very much. It’s fun to get lost in it.

  331. This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. They do not make music like that anymore and probably never will

  332. Beautiful. I feel at peace with myself when I hear this piece everytime. I can’t describe it. You play it wonderfully. Thank you.

  333. esta musica es incre. la adoro siempre me recuerda cosas lindas y me arrulla. me da una tranquilidad =]

  334. é uma música muito linda! adoro

  335. Me recuerda esta musica maravillosa otros tiempos de mi juventud, gracias realmente estoy muy emocionado.

  336. Its just an amazing song…
    every time i hear i cry… i think about the life… trying to figure it out… i try to understand why do we exist, why we’ve done those things to the earth… what did it do to us? it just helped us, helped us to live…
    i remember the best days in my life, i remember the little child playing in the playground, laughing, happy. i understand why we are here. i understand why the love exist. i understand the most dificult thing to understand. i’m not myself when i hear it. and when it ends… oh… its just… all the meanings go away.. i forget what i was doing, i forget how i felt. but just until i turn it on again.

  337. I just love this song. The way you played it was superb. This piece itself is charming and exquisite. I can’t get enough of it!! :)

  338. this piece moves me to tears every time i hear makes me think of everything of in life thats important to me.

  339. Porcelain says:

    i have never heard anything more beautiful.everytime i hear it i play it over and over again i just cant get enough!!i get so caught up and mesmorized with it because its just so harmonic!! im speechless:D

  340. Meu Deus…como essa música é linda! A mais calma e tranquilizadora música que já ouvi!

  341. The most sublime ever created in music!

  342. Candace i know what you mean but i cant read the other comments…sorry…

  343. wow nice tempo

  344. Es hermosa en verdad! no hay mas palabras…..

  345. es bellisima esta melodia no me puedo imaginar una melodia mejor es simplemente la mas bella melodia que he escuchado la verdad le agradesco a Debussy por haberla compuesto

  346. Esta música é realmente linda!
    Gosto de ouvi-la pois me acalma muito! Sinto-me nos céus! Tão doce e tão forte ao mesmo tempo!
    Simplesmente amo!

  347. there is a kind of awesome feelings when i heard clair de lune…
    i don’t know…
    but i love it…

  348. es fascinante deleitarse con tan profunda interpretacion de este compositor, sus notas penetran lo mas hondo del ser tanto asi que contemplas una noche tranquila iluminada por la exquisita luz de la luna llena, es maravilloso.It^s very deeply and beautiful, I dont have the hability for play piano but this piece reflex the feeling of this artist, and you can feel it.

  349. I love this website!
    And this music….i have no words to describe it! It’s just perfet!

  350. antonella says:

    había escuchado nombrar a la canción pero nunca en sí escuchar la melodía, hasta que vi Crepúsculo, y entonces me baje a la computadora la canción, es hermosa..una calides inigualable

  351. beautifully played

  352. i originally heard this piece of music in a movie called “when frankie met johnnie” starring al pacino and michelle phiefer. great movie.

  353. This song really shows the beauty that can be found within the musical world and the notes. It is refreshing to her an old and golden song played well like this. It is smooth and fresh and peacful, it is one of the best songs of its time, in my opinion.

  354. i got into debussy after watching portrait of jennie, this song moves me to tears when i hear it, it reminds me of evey love i have had and lost. arabesque reminds me of rain, liten to the peice has its sounds like rain before a rainbow. classical music is songs of the soul, which is why it moves us so.

  355. this song is my favorite classical peace it makes me feel elegant peaceful strong and beautiful like the music itself

  356. This is just a totally exquisite piece! And yeah, it’s really thanks to twilight that I discovered it!

  357. This is a very beautiful piece of music and if it isn’t for Twilight, I would never have known about this song.

  358. Justin, thanks for the suggestion (an excellent choice). Debussy has been my favourtite composer for a long time now, but I haven’t managed to master L’isle Joyeuse … yet ;-). Let’s see if this is a feasible project for 2009. All the best, Jorgos

  359. Sasha Emoniee says:

    I absolutely love this song.LOVE

  360. Jorgos,

    What is the chance of you performing Debussys L’isle Joyeuse (Isle of Joy)? My favorite interpretation of this piece is
    but I would love to hear play it, since everything else you played by Debussy was superb.

  361. This song it remainds me of the beginning of a new day. After a lot of sad, and grey days. Is a song that brings a breath of hope.

  362. I feel like having dreams when I listen to this song, it’s so beutiful, and it’s hard to describe this kind of art, the first time I heart “clair de lune” I couldn’t believe that a person could have the talent to produce a sweet sound, it is like fliyng while your are listening…

  363. This song is one of my favortie pieces, it has some serenity in it. I love listening to it when I read. Lovely.

  364. I have loved this piece for many years now and hear it at work. I have it on a collection of Romantic Classics.

    This piece truly speaks to your soul.

  365. beautiful

  366. I love this piece. It has been my favorite since 7th grade music appreciation. Beautiful. One of the first pieces I’ve ever learned how to play.

  367. I listen to this song while I do my homework. It is so beautiful and helps me relax. Thank you so much.

  368. Mr Jorgos

    This song interpretation is avaliable to buy ?

    • Leonardo, Joanne,

      Thanks for your enthousiasm :-) … yes this recording of Clair de Lune (as well as other recordings) will be available for download soon. Keep you posted.
      All the best,

  369. es muy bella vieron la pelicula donde aparece la melodia

  370. Dear Joane

    I agree with you. This website is so good. I would like to know how I can do a download of Clair de Lune ? If you know one way, could you tell me ?

  371. que linda melodia es ra quilisante no

  372. This song reminds me of a special person who makes my heart swoon.

    And this website is AMAZING. All of my favorites on one website.

    Where can I get a CD or download of these songs just as they are on this website (same performers, etc)?

  373. Stephanny says:

    Claire de lune and Arabesque are my favirite compositions by Debussy, he was a great, and talented artist. Is works are stories that speak their own language those i guess would have to be a romantic in theory to understand the implied meaning for to each the message is different.

    Hats off to Debussy.

  374. this song is amazing!!
    is like go to the moon,
    things like this are very special
    i love classical music!!
    this like dream!!

    i love this website!!

  375. Dear Nancy

    I quite whith you. This is a special song. It makes me dream, and believe in a different world, full of love and romance…

  376. Dear Margarida

    I care. I agree whith Frederico. If I never heard this song in the Twilight movie, probably I never know it.

    So I glad this song was played, especialy in the Twilight movie.

  377. Should it not be Clair de Lune?

    And yes, gorgeous piece. A shame I had not known about it before.

    • Yes Lenna, you are right. It’s “Clair de Lune” instead of “Claire de Lune”. I’ve made the change, thanks!

  378. Federico, your english isn’t really bad. It’s fairly good actually.

  379. Beautiful song, i loved !!
    en verdad, hay una extraña y rica nostalgia en ella.

  380. Margarida;
    I care. Because if it isn`t in Twilight, i wouldn`t be enjoying this music now.
    PS: My english it`s really bad, sorry.

  381. Margarida says:

    who cares it is in Twilight?
    One of the best classic compositions ever.

  382. My recently re-united high school sweetheart of 50 yrs ago reminded me that this was “our song”. Beautiful memories…

  383. i just love listening to this piece, it calms my mind whenever im at work, i love claire de lune so much:

  384. I could listen to this piece all day long. Very soothing.

  385. Thank you for this bliss. this has been my favorite piece since I was in the 6th grade. I am now a (young) great grandma.

  386. Stephanie Eldridge says:

    I love the way he moves his fingers very soft onto the piano. Even though you can not see him you can the way he moves his hands. This song makes believe in dreams.That every dream is almost like a fairy-tale. i love it and will always listen to it!!!

  387. que hermosa cancion me encanta

  388. This song is much better than the mix of Richard Clayderman. Why do they keep mix the classical with the modern music. I hate that kind of music

  389. Yes Leonardo it was in Twilight. This fits their loves for one another doesn’t it?

  390. This song is in the movie Twilight, wrote by Stephenie Meyer.

  391. At Fisrt, I didn’t realize how beautiful was this song. After hear the full song I could feel it’s meaning.

    • i feell u sumtime when i listen to thes song it tells me so much about the person who compsed it but youll never know them bcuz they r s0 amazin and most of them went blind and crazy

  392. Beautiful song

  393. I love this it is so beautiful its nice to hear it played so well.

    • Years ago (1966)when i took Music Appreciation, Claire De Lune was said to be the most beautiful melody ever composed. Honestly, i have not heard anything to contradict that notion. Have you? Please name the composition(s) and composers. i await.

      • Liszt’s Liebestraume, Schumann’s Standchen, 2nd movement to Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata

        • Anonymous says:

          Riiiiiiight. Franz Liszt(Liszt Ferenc)’s Liebestraume, liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody no.2, Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata, and of course, Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5

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