Valse de L’adieu

recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Waltz de l’adieu was written in 1835 by Chopin as a solo piano ‘farewell’ musical work to Maria Wodzińska, to whom Chopin was engaged.

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Chopin’s feelings for Maria left their traces in his Farewell Waltz, Op. 69, No. 1, written on a September morning. The beginning theme is melancholic and nostalgic, reaching a small peak. The second part is played more cheerful, and goes back to the initial theme. The third theme is the most playful, while the fourth theme is marked ‘poco a poco crescendo’.

If you want to understand and get to know Chopin, you can read his letters.

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22 Responses to "Valse de L’adieu"

  1. Joe Schmidd says:

    Amazing Music although loud at times

  2. Sthepanie says:

    Es como un sueño hermoso

  3. MARIA O MEARA says:

    where can i buy these pieces of musuc for easy playing not a real beginner either.

  4. yolanda Balyk says:

    Ami, me encanta todo tipo de musica,dependiendo del momento y el lugar vale!

  5. Me encanta. Me recuerda a mi hermana cuando lo interpretaba en el piano y yo volaba con mis pensamientos escuchándola y deleitándome con esta creación de ese genio, allá lejos y hace tiempo.

  6. hermoso todo lo de chopin,es la música que el alma mia se eleva al cielo,l infinito….es emoción completa…

  7. It’s been much too long since I listened to this piece – I love both to listen and dance to this magnificent music. Beautifully played. Thank You.

  8. I love this kind of music, is really special. I fell peace and energy at the same time.
    this kind of music = classic music.

    Have a nice day :)

  9. El osito Teddy says:


  10. That’s wonderful~! I wish i could play as good…my teacher says that my playing is so ‘by the book’ :( How can one play beautifully if they are playing a horribly boring song?!
    i dont like my teacher, he’s too old fashioned.

  11. thank you for your kind

  12. I ma havihg a difficuylt time reading your websiote in SeaMonkey 3.9, I ujst thouhgt I ight tellyou about it?

    great vies

  13. debo decir que a mis 16 años no me deje influenciar con la musica actual.siempre me gusto la musica barroca clasica el proble es que no se cual me gusta mas.

  14. Requinte de ouvir e deliciar com a musica refinadissima!Qual a beleza da vida,e como também a existencia e plenitude da essencia da busca sublime de sentir emoção.

  15. Very beautifull , bat, what about Schubert?

  16. Exceptional. I have heard the waltz about fifty times, and this is the first time that Chopin’s meaning of “Farewell” is accurately conveyed.
    It’s like hearing the words of farewell spoken.

  17. ……..your touch is very light…it is very good..

  18. Hello Jorgos,

    Just like with Liszt I liked your playing of Chopin. Here you make more rubati.
    Your touch is light, you create a hint of melancholy, not too much. Beautiful.

    Just this: The second part is suddenly quite different from the rest, virtually no pedal, much staccato. It results in a light and cheerful sound. To my taste this doesn’t fit very well with the rest where you create a different atmosphere and sound.

    But all in all: very good playing.

    I’d like to know more about you. What’s your age? Who is/was your teacher?


    Joost Boekhoven
    The Netherlands

  19. wiweko aning says:

    I LOVE CHOPIN..The Song Its so Romantic For Me..

  20. I enjoyed your version of this song. you played it well! i love the ending-its extraordinary

  21. Where can I hear you play live? Do you ever perform in New York City?

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