Moonlight Sonata

recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Moonlight Sonata is Beethoven’s most popular sonata. Beethoven dedicated the piece to his student with whom he fell in love.

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  4. Best piece of music history I have ever heard🎶Can’t stop listening to it

  5. anonymous says:

    Whenever I hear this piece, I imagine, in slow motion black and white, being shot on a tower rooftop and bleeding out.

    I just hope that if I am ever shot on a rooftop, the gunman has the decency to let me play this on my mp3 player first.

  6. Richard Burton says:

    Thank you Jorgos.

  7. Its just so good that I can’t stand it

  8. People like Beethoven have known life very well people like him taught us the meaning of passion honour respect of the self and the most important they taught us that greatness and the passion of something never comes by force or violence
    it comes when you have the desire to do something when you do that thing you live in another world a world just in your imagination full of your own creations.

  9. Masterpiece!!

  10. jessica mejia says:

    Well i think this the song that comes out in twightlight movie.

    • “twightlight” *facepalm* Even if you spelt that correctly I still would be judgmental, I mean why does this masterpiece deserve to be in a shit movie, or a shit series of movies at that.

  11. Secondo il violinista Karl Holtz, che avrebbe ricevuto le confidenze di Beethoven, il primo movimento de: Al “Chiaro di luna”, sarebbe una Marcia funebre improvvisata e composta per un amico in fin di vita. Qualcuno ha scritto che su questo brano grava una cappa di piombo, tant’è triste e doloroso; Hector Berlioz l’ha definito un “lamento”:

    E molti compositori l’hanno interpretata in questa luce, come questo:

    La suono anch’io all’organo durante le esequie funebri (senza l’arpeggio della mano destra).

  12. Nonno Eug2000 says:

    Secondo il violinista Karl Holtz, che avrebbe ricevuto le confidenze di Beethoven, il primo movimento de: Al “Chiaro di luna”, sarebbe una Marcia funebre improvvisata e composta per un amico in fin di vita. Qualcuno ha scritto che su questo brano grava una cappa di piombo, tant’è triste e doloroso; Hector Berlioz l’ha definito un “lamento”:

    La suono anch’io all’organo durante i funerali (senza l’arpeggio della mano destra). Veramente stupenda.

  13. The 1st movement is the best piece ever written in the history of music.

  14. This is an awesome piece of music! I like the fact that it is also on Doctor Who. Doctor Who is cool. Please play a Doctor Who piece if music. I loooooooooooovvvvvve the performance. Cheers.:)Carry on the good work dude!

  15. This is an awesome piece of music! I like the fact that it is also on Doctor Who. Doctor Who is cool. Please play a Doctor Who piece if music. I loooooooooooovvvvvve the performance. Cheers.:)

  16. wonderful music. I feel as if am enchanted. Thank you for composing such a music.

  17. Sanaan Barzinji says:

    what a beautiful coincidence!!!, today i was alone, and suddenly this tone came to my mind which i haven’t listened to since a lone time, and i forgot that it’s name is “moonlight sonata”, but luckily i searched for Beethoven, and found it immediately, some times life would be so beautiful when we want something and we’ll get it right away <3 <3 <3

  18. this song makes me cry but yet it sets me free of the chains that bind me to……… body

    • same here i cant help but cry it sets me free and brings me to another world so relxe and amazing how one song can change your mood your mind and your emotion it the best feeling listing to his music makes yoy forget everyting thats stressing you out for a while and escape to another world his world love the feeling i get when i listin to this song :)happy <3

    • Very eloquently put Jared. We are so much more than just the physical. “Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body? I dunno”. In my opinion there is something more than just the physical and the psychological, and it is that something else, whatever name people give to it, that music touches and moves us, even transports us to someplace other than the body or the mind. This for me applies to all music played with soul and passion. You can instantly hear this when it is or is not.

  19. i love uu

  20. You can learn how to play the Moonlight Sonata at your own pace, fingering included, here:

  21. Mikisoq says:

    The first time I ever heard this music, I was alone and I cried. The music is so sad,but beautiful. I just can’t get enough of it.

  22. [...] me, “classical music”  includes a broad range of pieces, from soothing selections like “Moonlight Sonata” (one of the pieces played to the dogs in Kogan’s study) to the 1812 Overture, which one would [...]

    • Larry Dude says:

      Moonlight Sonata has three movements. The first movement is played Adagio, which is quite slow and easy to play. The second movement (Allegretto) and third movement(Presto)are significantly more challenging to play (for me, at least).

      I believe the popularity of this first movement is due to the fact that almost any player is able to work his way through it. Not so with the second or third movements.

  23. It relaxes your mind

  24. This is quite possibly the most beatiful and peaceful sonata every written or ever will be.

  25. this reminds me of only one movie “Interview with a Vampire” This song gives me chills and I love it.

    • Classical Music like this comes from a timeless age gone by when people would learn music to enjoy with their fellow life’s travelers. This is one of Beethoven’s most popular pieces and if you ever get a chance to play it: do that.

      There is a sense of timelessness throughout the piece and it is played and heard with different tones and expressions. It is almost like this piece has its own identity to the player’s mood. Meaning if you are in a good and happy mood, it sounds differently than if you are in an angry or sad mood, because the music takes upon itself the player’s tone. This is subtle, but listen to this piece with a few other pianists playing it. One will find that is Sounds very different even though they are the same notes. And it will have a different sense by each pianist playing it. The music is written like this to respond to the player’s technique.

      Those that are serious about piano should play this on a quality piano one day, something at least the size of a baby-grand and a piano that is very responsive to your touch. The crescendi vary the expression of the pianists. Enjoy it however you like, and do try to expand one’s horizons by not referring to music in a movie or gaming context. These pieces were written with none of that involved or ever inferred to its existence. How could it? Moving photography had not been invented and neither had video games.

      The music is designed to be enjoyed with different types of phrasing invoking an array of moods. LIsten to it. Close your eyes and let one’s mind wander. Visualize different moods and feelings you have throughout the piece; there is sadness, happiness, joy and sorrow and quite a bit of melancholy. At least that is what I feel during the piece. Really, try listening to it in a quiet place and hopefully you will not transcend to Raccoon City (wherever that is) or find yourself transitioned to a cinema.

      Good luck to those that endeavor to play this moderately difficulty piece of one of Beethoven’s finer works. You will be happy that you learned this piece and even more enjoyed when you play it for family and or friends.

      • Phil you have hit the nail on he head- I listen to this melody with my eyes closed and am transported to different places, memories and feelings every time I hear it. So relaxing, I block out all noises and just totally relax- thank you for your inspiring comments

        • I love this song “Moonlight Santana” as it is so Beautiful and Relaxing and you can get lost in it completely. I have a special man I love very much!!! Just plain Beautiful!! Thank you very much.

        • I agree with you totally Barbara. Phil’s message is intuitive and insightful and just plain spot on.

  26. Joe Schmidd says:


  27. I am only 14 and I just learned the full Sonata a few days ago. I use a full-88 yamaha keyboard. I am completly a self-taught piano player. I’m actually a trombone player :)

    • i’m teaching myself/ being taught piano. ive only had 4 lessons to this date. but i can play the first movement because i only have the first movement. but i myself am a trombone player. i play tenor trombone and double trigger bass trombone.(its a beast of a trombone.)

    • Well I have a grand piano, and play the bass clarinet. So quit bragging son!

  28. I may only be 14 but i know that the sound coming out of my computer right now is beautiful and i want to know if the beginning of this sounds just a bit like something out of twilight no offense to anyone just stating my mind and plus I’m in orchestra so I’m not some crazy Edward/Jacob fan looking around for music that sound like something straight out of the movie.

    • SuicideBunny515 says:

      You have it backwards. The music you heard in that movie, Twilight, might sound like Moonlight Sonata, and not the other way around.

  29. I can’t believe I’m not the only one who fell in love with this song the first time I heard it played in Resident Evil. <3

    • Christopher-DuluthGa says:

      You’re not. There are billions of people on this planet that are in awe of this piece. I dare say that anyone who has or will listen to this, is captivated by the many emotional reactions felt, but also differently by many, through personal reflection that this piece emotes.

    • How about Jes Set Willy 2? This was the theme intro music :) def showing my age!

  30. Rogueleader says:

    I first heard this music when at the haunted mansion in racoon city while I was working for S.T.A.R.S. … I was forced to play it to recieve a clue. Who am I ? ;)

    In all seriousness, absolutely gorgeous and intutive piece applicable to any forelorn memory or mood … It’s easy to hit repeat this song over and over and get lost in the melody for hours. Beautifully timeless piece

  31. [...] by. Some examples: chew your food 37 times before you swallow. Walk down the stairs to the beat of Moonlight Sonata (or any other slow piece of music will do). Eat only one jelly bean at a time. When running through [...]

  32. A Very nice work. When i feel useless, this one help. but when i feel down, Liebestraume (known as Liebestraum, but its was a wrong words-In germany, they (Liebestraum) meants nothing) help. Beethoven, you’re Genius and absolutely one of the best!

    • This song is one of the most beautifulest song by beethoven. Said that i’m a huge fan of his beautiful music. due to my age people would not expect that from me. I would of love to meet this wonderful composer wih such amazing talent that no one can ever top!!

    • Justin Bieber is way better so is one direction <333333

      Justin Bieber Fever One Direction Infection <3333

      • Dear Eric.
        Would you be so kind as to remove yourself from this planet preferably by lethal injection as anybody so stupid as yourself would and could not possibly understand the difference between beethoven and justin beiber.
        If by any chance I have misread the situation and you really are a 10 year old girl many apologies.

      • i must agree plesae remove your self.

      • Eric, please leave planet Earth, and take your ear killing music with you. I am 14, but I respect the beauty of Moonlight Sonata, and if you don’t, remove yourself form the conversation.

        • Eric you are perfectly awesome for liking Justin or one direction they are very talented. I will always hope to someday be as famous as them. ( I’m not gonna lie, I’m a total fan girl)And people, seriously? Just because he them (Or not, I’m getting mixed messages) Does not mean you have to tell him to “remove himself from this earth” So people, ask yourself this, what has Justin ever done to you? Now don’t answer like, “Oh he sings like crap” Because we all know that is not an answer, Justin and 1D have worked very hard to be where they are right now. So if you don’t like him so much, why do you listen to him? Ask yourself that.

  33. Your Name says:

    Sonata no.14 “Moonlight”— one of the best! i hope there’s another parts. Part Two, as Liszt said “Flower between two parts” and part Three, the most complicated and needs skills— hmmmmmm

  34. My goodness it’s so beautiful, calm,steady. It’s my favourite piece of music!

  35. Oh my goodness! an amazing article. Thank you!

  36. Type your name here says:

    Beethoven–was a really brilliant pianist. there’s something that impossible to be said. it was his creations, too hard to explains

  37. I love it its so calming and peaceful

    Its so Beautiful

  38. Sometimes I want to die,this helps.

  39. Arabella says:

    Beautiful… absolutely lovely…Ludwig van Beethhoven is a genius, and Jorgos is a bloody brilliant pianist.

  40. Diana Reihnn says:

    Hey, hey, stop! its the internet and everybody can read your comments.

    Meanwhile, L. Van Beethoven was amazing.but where’s the other part? the second movement, that Franz Liszt said as the “Flower between first and third movement”? and where’s the third part, who needs skills?
    Thanks to Beethoven, who wrote the piace and Jorgos, who makes its alive. im sorry about my english. im european but not an englishwoman.

  41. Ya know, folks, some people just want attention. Why give it to them? They are useless and good-for-nothing except as fertilizer.

  42. meganelizabeth says:

    I don’t mean to ruin the song for anyone is they didn’t like the movie I am about to mention, because I know some people aren’t really into Tim Burton’s creepy and fantastical world- but this song reminds me so much of the movie Corpse Bride. Was this the song Victor and Emily were playing on the piano? I can’t remember.

  43. Your song was BRILLIANT! I couldn’t help listening to them every day (well actually every time it finishes.)I LOVE IT

  44. Anonymous Guest says:

    Excuse me, Jerry.
    i dont want to had some trouble with you, because i will never met you.
    if you dont like this song, please dont leave any comments or recomendations.
    if you hates this, listen to another songs. the world is changed.
    you dont have to make people feel or know that you’re annoying, everyone should have their own comments.

  45. Why would someone make something so terrible. this makes me want to punch a baby. this is the LEAST enjoyable thing I’ve ever listened to.

    • Sour Grapes Jerry. I suppose you hate sweet little old ladies and adorable young children too. Wow, you must be really miserable if everything of beauty is hidden by your jaded nature. Weed your garden my friend, you will be much happier. You might try listening to some Smashmouth while your weeding. It may calm you down some.

    • how could say such a thing to the world-famous Bethoven?! You just concentrate to music, are you?

    • punch babies?// then why do u listen to it then this is a site for fanz of the music not baby punchers!!


  47. This is beautiful Sonata. I would also STRONGLY recommend to anyone who likes this sonata to listen to Chopin’s Nocturne no. 20 in C sharp minor opt.posth. I absolutely love it.

  48. this is one of the most beautiful songs ever im glad it was composed and it took a lot for him to compose it. it took love it took inspiration and just plain talent

  49. Priscila Lauverine says:

    This is a master piece.

  50. [...] “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven (also known as Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor). [...]

  51. anonymous says:

    I appreciate this song, who lives in the modern day, fighting to live forever beetween the modern pop musics and other modern musics. Classical songs was a song that needs feelings to play the piece. not only pres the piano, but play it with heart, to make it more beautiful. feel the speed and the accurate. not too slow, this song was perfect for somebody that wants to know and learn about past, golden era.

  52. [...] Listen to "Moonlight Sonata" | solo classical piano musicSep 27, 2011 … A composition by Beethoven that was discarded and unheard for over 200 years has been reconstructed, a British university said … [...]

  53. wow, I absolutely love beethoven. this composition in particular is wonderful, and it makes me think of all the wonderful things in life, and the love that I know is there, but don’t really see. this sounds so weird, but it’s true. beethoven makes me stop and think about what’s good in life.

  54. Nomrom, you said “SO MUCH BLACK”?
    So check out the Franz Lizt’s Liebestraum.
    so much little black dots

  55. Nomrom (spell it backwards:) says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Im just staring to learn this song on the piano. I looked at the sheet music and was like AHH SO MUCH BLACK!! But its coming along ok. I LOVE THIS SONG ITS SO RELAXING AND BEAUTIFUL

  56. Vania, you can play it on your piano. How? learning and learning. This song was not to complicate but very brilliant and amazing. remember don’t play it to fast. It’s all yours. enjoy this song! Mr.Beethoven was a brilliant composer.

  57. LOVE THIS SONG!!!!
    wish i can play it on my piano

  58. the guest says:

    I almost heard all of Beethoven’s songs, including his favourite song, Fourteenth Quartet, op. 131, and that’s was amazing. Yes, like someone’s said in Fur Elise, he started to loss his hearing in 1796 and allmost totally deaf in 1814, that was incredible. deafness for a famous musician?
    and when he wrote the songs? before or after?
    Respect him, he was a brilliant man and alson the one of the most famous musician in entire world of history.

  59. the perfect moonlight in the midnight!

  60. The music was so silent and played gently, i enjoy it.

  61. The Guest says:

    very good to listening. Mr Beethoven was amazing.Respect him.

  62. Dr. Frances says:

    The emotions,feeling, it was very hard to understand how can it work in our brain. you may not realized that you were caught in the modern world,watching your computer. Beethoven was a genius man who made genius musics.

  63. Anne-Claire says:

    Very Easy to listening,medium-easy for playing, but very hard to create some beutifull classic songs. Respect Mr.Beethoven, for his creations-speccialy for sonata no.14 “Moonlight”.

  64. prof. Marmon says:

    Such a master piece as this one make some fall but not in love. As I do they fall in there own minds lost in the emotional thought of feeling the music in such a way some may not understand. I applaud those who can embrace this willingly ignoring the modern day obscure version of what some might call music. Beethoven was a brilliant man and such men disserve recognition threw out the years even if the young today fail to grasp this concept we hold so dear. – prof. Marmon

  65. evey one will fall in love

  66. I absolutely love Beethoven butI do prefer Chopins’ Piano Concerto’s

  67. i think im in love with this song does anyone have the sheet music!!??

  68. OMG love this music. I mean really. really I love it. I do not know why when this music plays, my heart feels like “blank”…. moonlight sonata.. just wonder how can Mr.Beethoven so genius..

  69. Well Mr. Beethoven, congrats for your fantastic classical songs. it’s become more perfect if you-them- play it in the real midnight moonlight–

  70. I love to isolate myself from the world when i listen to this, it makes the world and its rush around and rat race seem so far away and insignificant.

  71. I love to isolate myself from the world when i listen to this, it makes the world and its rush arond and rat race seem so far away and insignificant.

    • Gas mask Violinist says:

      Lets you stop and look at the faults and impurities of the world as time passes by……Perfection my friend…..perfection…..

  72. Deathstalker says:

    It’s quiet, sublime, and seems to pull you in…you can’t stop listening to it. It moves you to another place and time.

  73. divine music

  74. He was in love. But the girl he loved was to young. He composed a song to show his emotions. He knew that it would never work out.

  75. it is so soothing and helps me concentrate. this piece of art in the best that there ever is. the melody of the music just sends me into a different world where my mind isn’t in a craze. beethoven sure outdid himself in writing this piece. without it i don’t think i could ever find such a beautiful song like it. it is truly a beautiful masterpiece to me.

  76. A song of passion, love, and a terrible grief. One can imagine that he is Beethoven and has trly been crushed.

  77. it heightens the sadness in such a way that you can’t help but feel Beethoven’s emotions as he made this. :’(

  78. It’s like the music is telling a story; a story of something awful that is about to happen to the one playing the music. Its as if he is the only one that knows what will happen to him and that he can’t escape it so he just accepts it. beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, hypnotic, enchanting, moving, or whatever you call it, but i can feel it talking to my soul.

  79. With red wine, hard cheese, and my thoughts of a glorious day.


  80. This is so beautiful, it is so sad how something so beautiful can never be heard by its creator. A true visage of the arts, beethoven is pure genious. Even with being nearly deaf, he created a lovely melody. With such heart behind it. It is simply amazing.

  81. This song is so beautiful


    • No one love this piece more than I but, so you know, that’s what it is: a piece of music. A song has lyrics. Please don’t think I belittle you. Both my parents were music teachers and never quite explained the difference to me. It took me years to figure it out. Just tryin’ ta help…

      • Bubby Ludbuam says:

        There are ever changing lyrics sung in an universal language sewn into this peice of music.

      • Music is a language of its own… All music pieces (not only songs) have lyrics, they are just waiting to be interpreted by each listener. This song is quite beautiful and communicates its own message differently to each audience member. Thus all of us (even those who don’t exactly LOVE classical music) get our own emotion and comfort from this song. I would say I love it more than almost anything in the world, but wouldn’t bet against how much you love this song because we love it in our own way.

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  84. Night falls on the moors of the castle the wind silently utters the once grand symphony of Herr Beethoven. He sits alone with the pale moon light streaming down on his empty visage. It begs Play on! It tears at him eternal.
    The twilight sliver of night caresses his fingers as they play mournfully across the pale ivories of his soul. Play on his heart weeps! Play on for this is all the justice a lost love can afford.
    So in to the night his sad symphony plays aloft, on the winds nocturnal to sooth a pain unbound across the ages for all to behold.

    (The sonata)

    • Jesse – you write so brilliantly – you should be a writer. I have just finished writing a book in my spare time & my next challenge was to teach myself the piano – can now play heaps of songs – favourite so far is ‘Morning Mood’ by Edvard Grieg – can’t wait to learn Moonlight Sonata – it really is a brilliant piece of music!

    • leassa kellerman says:

      feel free to e-mail me, and if you like i’ll send you some samples of my poetry and writing:
      (but if anyone else wants to see a sample, just e-mail me!)

      it seems to me that i’ve stumbled upon another person who has the ability to find the emotion hidden in art (whether it be music or a painting) and put it into writing. i dont know about you, but i can feel the emotion hidden in this piece almost as if i were beethoven. the sadness and suffering, the heartache and pain of the realization that the one love he desires cannot be obtained. it’s as if i’m in his head, or sitting next to him on the floor while he plays. your “poem” suits the song perfectly, describing the scene as if you were actually there.

    • You are an amazing writer and very deep. You get this piece and feel it better than probably anyone else (no offence to anyone else) and that is a beautiful gift. I wish I had talent like you so can you comment on this poem I wrote?
      This is it:
      Happiness is Just an Illusion
      Happiness is just an illusion
      Fooling the magician and everyone around him
      For in every joy there is a seed of darkness
      Watching, waiting for the right moment
      To jump out and destroy you;
      Happiness is just an illusion
      Making even the joker frail
      For there is a sadness in everyone
      Watching, waiting for the right moment
      To pop out and make the kill;
      Happiness is just an illusion
      Tricking everyone’s eyes for once
      No one can see through the grubby veil
      That seems to blanket life;
      Happiness is just an illusion
      Blinding all those who follow
      Bringing the powerful to their knees
      Happiness is just an illusion
      or could you comment on this shorter one? Please!!!!:
      I dream my life away
      It keeps me from reality
      But once in a while,
      There will be a time when I wake, when I see…
      I get a glimpse and am soulless…
      Until I dream again
      or can you e-mail me your comment at (sorry for the stupid e-mail address… someone else set it up for me and I can’t figure out how to change it)

  85. This is amazing it make me feel like the world is not like life and death but in a sort they are both are connected in a cycle of motion going non-stop. Plus it also makes me feel motivated to do my work and other thing when I am not movated to do any thing at all

  86. My daughter played this piece on the grand piano in the Jewish mausoleum in L.A….seemed appropriate. Comforting, it possesses a dream-like quality, soft.

  87. when she died it was like someone pressed pause on the world everyone else eventualy pressed play i didnt

  88. her name was Teresa salinas

  89. my favorate teacher died recently this song reminds me of her im crying right now

  90. Elena Esquivel says:

    Es la primera vez que entro a esta página, y aunque no escucho siempre musica clásica, esta es de mis primeras 2 favoritas.

    Siempre que la escucho me dan ganas de llorar….., alguno de ustedes comento “Sublime”….. y creo que es la palabra correcta para para describirla…


  91. This is an amazing piece. I’m playing it this year for contest and im so excited. It’s amazing what you concider when you hear this piece. Amazing.

  92. This was my recital piece when I was a kid, and has inspired me to try to relearn the piano after more than 50 years. It’s a spiritual experience playing it.

  93. its so sad that Beethoven had to die and never actualy hear his music at such an early age #Beethoven.

  94. arshia morady says:


  95. I am not that sort of classical person BUT it is still really good music you know!!!!!!!!!!!..

  96. Goh Asuka says:

    Puede que les suene algo estupido esto a muchos pero… escuché por primera vez esta canción cuando tenía 6 o años (no recuerdo bien) fué cuando jugé Earthworm Jim. Recuerdo que me detube a escucharla (mientras Jim se aburría quieto n_n’) no podía creer que exista música de ese tipo. Llamé a mi mamá y le pedí que me compre un disco con esa canción. Desde ese momento comenzé a apresiar mucho la música. Definitivamente está canción me acompaña desde siempre, o por lo menos desde que empeze a pensar mejor sobre las cosas en la vida.

  97. I remember a time when I was happy when I listen to this song,and it hurts, to rememeber I WAS happy, not that I am happy. This song, fills me with something I can not explain. I only think of death and pain whenever I hear this melody.
    It just makes me so happy, because it makes me sad, and all that is sadistic. Fills me with joy. So I love this song because I hate it so much, it makes me want to end my horrible life, and I will finally be rid of this horrid world.

    • o god…. i think what u are trying to say is that:

      you are glad that a song like this can still make you feel some sort of emotion regardless of how miserable you might be.

    • Please don’t do anything reckless. Like you, I’m torn between the love/hate aspect. But its quite more than that. Its about being inlove with someone so deepl it hurts. That’s what I sense from this music. I’ve never had anyone that loved me that much…so unconditionally and irrevocably. Please try to find a way to love yourself. You’re worth it. So what if you’re different than everyone else. Being different isn’t a bad thing. Its not about being what everyoine wants you to be; its about being who you really are. There’s greatness in you. You will never know if you end it. Death is final and there are no makeovers…ever. Please, for me, don’t do anything reckless that will harm you.

    • this piece reminds me that life is for the living full of all that is good

  98. This song is the most beautiful peice of art, ever to exist. The magnificent beauty behind this peice couldn’t be explained in a million years.

    Simply. Amazing.

  99. Sublime. We as a race have fallen… you don’t see this type of pristine work anymore.

  100. jorden L Name says:

    i think in many different ways when you listen to this you feall as if no one can take away your happyness you feall calm in your heart

  101. Catherine Royale says:

    i think this piece of music is amazing, it is such an evocative piece and beethoven is a real genious

  102. Moonlight is an American paranormal romance television drama created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson, who was also executive producer for all episodes with Joel Silver, Gerard Bocaccio, Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman. The series follows private investigator Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin), who was turned into a vampire by his bride Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon) on the couple’s wedding night fifty-five years earlier. In the present day, he struggles with his attraction to a mortal woman, Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), his friendship with Josef Kostan (Jason Dohring), and his dealings with other vampires in Los Angeles.

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  103. No other piece causes emotion in me, like this gift we’ve been given, this treasure of timeless beauty.

    My big sister played this often, and from her heart, when we were young. How lucky we were!

  104. It(He,She) fascinates the piano, me it is not possible to learn to touch it due to the fact that I do not possess(do not rely on) the means, but this piece infects the feeling that the composer I form in every so penetrating note, wraps you during a night calm and illuminated by the delicate light of a full moon. It is something wonderful.

    I have to say on a personal note that this sonata deeply overwhelms my spirit with a great sorrow and joy at the same time. This beautiful masterpiece is a truly genius work of art. It fills the soul with in a way that is near impossible to describe. It is as if a thousand Angels take a time off from heaven to come down and sing it to me each time I play it.
    When I listen to this I imagine Beethoven sat at his piano, all short of stature and tufts of hair covering bald spots. A constant grimace on his face to rival Father Jack from Father Ted, grunting and snorting every so often, perhaps with a little growling too. This carries on until 1:46, where suddenly the last two minutes of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture take the place of Moonlight Sonata. His eyes bulging, it takes about thirty seconds for him to realise what’s going on. It’s too much, way too much. You can see the blood boiling beneath his skin. In the shadows of a potted plant squats that Russian bastard, wires in his hands pulling his keys like a puppet, singing “Du nununu nuh nuh NUH na na” under his breath. Too much. Beethoven’s eyes bulge so far out his sockets with rage, a trickle of silver spit flying rampant as he opens his scowl to shout, vocal cords vibrating. Too late. In a massive bang unheard through the din, the blood that had accumulated in his pudgy face splattered the entire room, along with brains and bits of teeth and skull. His work here done, Tchaikovsky casually runs his bloodied fingers through his hair, and walks sedately out the door. Or at least, this is MY interpretation of the Moonlight Sonata
    I’m twelve years old and this masterful piece has sparked a curiosity for music (especially piano music) inside of me. I’ve learned how to read music and am currently teaching myself to play piano.
    I love this song. I can play the first movement already.(I’m only 10 years old.)
    actually has a story about it. One evening, the moon was shining brightly. Beethoven was taking his usual evening stroll went he rached a small, shabby hut. He saw a girl playing a song on the piano. It sounded very familiar. Beethoven then realised it was a song composed by himself.The girl was talking to her brother. “I`m so sorry, I could not save enough money to buy you a ticket to Beethoven`s concert…” the brother said sorrowfully to her blind sister. Instead of losing her temper, she said it was alright.
    She said she would try to memorise how his songs were played and play it to herself. Beethoven was deeply touched and walked into the hut. He played one of his songs for her. The girl was surprised to know that it was Beethoven himself. Beethoven invited the girl to come to his coincert and he wanted to share with her how beautiful the moon was. Despite the girl being blind, he composed a song that expressed the moon`s beauty. He then named it’moonlight sonata’i going to cry

  105. here we can feel music :)

  106. amayzing love it

  107. it is more then amayzing
    love it

  108. it is more then amayzing
    love it

  109. it so Hard ……. so attractive

    • Amber Moore says:

      I know! I could cry. It’s such a beautiful tune. It’s too bad Beethoven didn’t get to hear his own music. He only got to hear it in his head. And he was only about 56 when he passed away. :’(

  110. Ahmad Falion says:

    Is this the music which mean ia Tolstoy in his book sonata?

  111. I’m not classically trained or even musically talented, but I know good thought and emotion provoking music when I hear it and this is one such piece that will outlast a lot of other pieces and even some of you who don’t like it. So don’t listen if you don’t care for it or it’s composer.

  112. خیلیییییی عالیه

  113. this the first time hearing this piece of Beethoven- moonlight and i love it, it makes me want to fall asleep because its so peaceful. I’m am 13 right now and i gust now got to hear this awesome song.

  114. This is my favorite song and reading the dedication just changes the whole meaning entirely. I feel tears welling in the corners of my eyes…. spectacular.

  115. Moon Lighing is My life … and efect on Our life … I Believe We should listen to it becouse … :-( Love it :-( Just :-(

  116. this song is Wonderful … I LOVE IT !!! WoW …

  117. Gözlerini kapat ve büyüye katıl. seni alıp olmak istediğin yerlere götürecek. acını dahada hissetti ve sonunda canın daha çok yanacak… notalar anlatmak istediğini anladıp işini bitirince ,kulağında parçanın yankıları kalacak.. en sonunda ise içindebulduğun huzur kalacak…

  118. I believe Beethoven wrote this song for his student, whom he fell in love with. Am i right??

  119. I have always loved classical music. Beethoven being my favorite. Of course, i like Bach and Mozart too but I just cant get enough of this song. My mom used to play this song all the time to make me fall asleep when I was a baby and to this very day I play it before I go to bed, every day. I can’t stand going a day without sitting down on my piano stool and playing this piece, over and over again. :)

  120. ……Moonlight Sonata,was one of the best classical songs ever composed,and was done over 200 years ago,in the summer of 1801,and is still very popular today.!.!.!.!.!.

  121. you play beautifully. i wanted to download a this song, and spent over 45min lost in the hell of surveys, somehow signing up for three different cell phone services for ten bucks each, only to come back for my download and find i still had 0/1 complete.

  122. this song requires no talent to play. people that say this is the most beautiful piece in classical history are retarded, atleast in my opinion. Just because you like beethoven does mean you have an ear for classical. Theres so so much more in the world of classical and the fact that this song is so highly praised nearly makes me laugh. Sure, beethoven is good, but is literally nothing compared to artists like debussy or even chopin. For example, listen to Fantasia Impromptu by chopin and tell me who is the better pianist. Beethoven at the time is comparable to mainstream rap of today that all musically retarded listeners like to proclaim as the “greatest music of the time”. its just shit in my opinion. listen to some more classical.

    • History remembers his name…..who the hell are you?

    • You are missing the entire point of music. It is about the emotion that is evoked and that captures the senses, and for many people that doesn’t happen only when a piece requires significant “talent” to play. This discorinates and illumination that are integral in many “simple” pieces are what make them phenominal, because to do that with even less can be more difficult. Sometimes “less” is more. If Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata does nothing for you, then that is your problem.

    • priscilla says:

      I must agree with you. I was classically train when younger. However Regardless of what you know, there is what the society does. Know. And admire. Words of mouth, you would call it today… As you said Beethoven must be kind of cool cause it is a well known ‘BRAND’. Pretty much like Nike for shoes, Beethoven is for classical composition.Nevertheless, I have listen to this beautiful piece far too many time, and this is not the greatest( the one on this site). There is no passion, or regular pulse to it, it is often out of beat. And when you are(out of beat) I believe it should reflect some kind of emotions…

      • So – you were “classically train” huh? On what – the kazoo??!!
        By the way – I offer remedial sentence writing and elementary grammar to first graders. You may want to consider signing up. My German Shorthair Pointer was far more literate than you. Can you read real music?

    • So – let’s place the score in front of you and listen to your piano rendition of the Moonlight Sonata. Face it kid – you are way out of your league here.
      If your musical acumen is as bereft as your rhetorical skills, then I can see why Beethoven is completely beyond your capacity. Try parsing Lady Gaga’s material – or perhaps Dr. Seuss – it is closer to your ability level. I would suggest you start with rap – there is no music with which to contend.
      Truly – it is amazing that you didn’t spell your name, “Alecks.”

      • Don’t have to knock Dr Seuss :)

        But other than that, I’m with you.

        “this song requires no talent to play” should be a t-shirt (that not everyone will understand).

      • Your comments just made my day. Brilliant, it’s not often that i see people get put in their place like that, it made me laugh. Too many people think that quality of music is based on the amount of finger control and dexterity required to play it. To say that one style of music is better than another shows narrow mindedness (unless of course, you are referring to the music of today, like lady gaga who has musical talent equivalent to that of the average chimp) This piece invokes complex emotions, and while i do feel more moved by the works of Claude Debussy i can’t say that he is better simply because i am more inclined to his style of music.

        • Roxanne Stanton says:

          Michael, well said. I had piano lessons when I was in High School many moons ago. I am 58 years old and started taking piano lessons again over a year ago. I gave up piano before because I had trouble with my small hands and found it easier to play by ear and improvise. I am now determined to learn properly and played Moonlight Sonata for my first ever piano recital two weeks ago. It was a challenge and I don’t really play the ninths very well in fact probably not at all but I played the whole piece. It took me eight months to learn it and I nearly gave up after four months. I think it has to be the most inspiring, beautiful piece of music and it spurred me on to learn the piece to the very last note. I love it and this is coming from someone who loves listening to all types of music with or without lyrics. Thank you to Jorgos for a brilliant performance and for posting it.

    • Does not matter! It is the most beautiful piece of music ever made. I dont care if Chopin came back from the dead and playded his “Fantasia Impromptu” himself.
      It will never be as good.

    • how could you say those words to people who like it. they just appreciate this piece. and comparing composers is not just fair. try composing one better than this…if it get famous and last for even a decade…then i can say you really have the ears.its just my opinion also.

    • I so agree, I am not trained in any way on any instrument, but, I do have an ear and I absolutely agree with you. You said , hat I dare not, because I don’t have the credentials.

    • john burke says:

      Chopins Fantasy Impromptu was inspired by the Moonlight sonata.

  123. thompson trindade says:

    es una música espctacular redition

  124. Sthepanie says:

    Tiene una fuerza de expresión incomparable es una de las mejores obras de Beethoven.

  125. Mohammad says:

    Very very nice. I am an amateur in classic music but took advantage of them all.

  126. till now best piece heard

  127. Very nice. Thanks for the performance! :)

  128. Michael11 says:

    Me encanta esta cancion! What a beautiful piece! Reminds me of being in love and a state of relaxion.

  129. Es una música que me hace llorar de emoción. Esto es música!!! Qué genio maravilloso para escribir tanta hermosura, gracias Dios!!!

  130. I don’t knwo anything about music but I know this one by heart.. Is there a mistake at 0:56, because i’m not use to this.

    Despite this, I think this is the best rendition I’ve ever heard!

  131. Romello says:

    spectacular rendition, incredible piece by a genuinely gifted artist.

  132. Heaven has no match when this master piece play … I’ll die hearing Moonlight Sonata and live long enough to hear it play, repeatly … This is my heaven …

  133. george Roe says:

    my heart weeps lol to everyone who loves this piece of music x

  134. Simplemente maravilloso…

  135. esta es la mejor pieza de valz que he escuchado

  136. I seldom read articles from beginning to end as they usually have poor content and are dull. I really appreciate this article because it has great content and it’s interesting.

  137. i am addicted listening on this piece…for peaple who do not appreciate this…i respect you…but i hope there’s a part of your brain that will be open for this…maybe not this time, but someday.

  138. gentry says:

    I love this song!! It is gothic, but not in a creepy way!

  139. This is a little fast I thought though lovely. I was hoping the hear the other movements also. “Moonlight Sonata” means ALL of it, not just this first movement. Or, say Moonlight Sonata, First Movement.

    • somehow…i think it will get a little creepy when played slower..i played it slowly once..and my friends found it negative…and i expected it cause they are not oriented to classic music.

  140. Open 2 tabs on browser, play this piece of work by Beethoven and pull up in the other tab and let them play together! They sound magical together! Calm, peaceful…really clears the mind.


    • Gracias por su mensaje. Es una inspiración. (Este año cumplé 62 años y estoy volviendo a tocar el piano después de muchos años…Le deseo todo lo mejor con su música.

  142. This song is nice. It totally depends on the pianist. Maybe Beethoven didn’t even mean this good grade when he wrote it.


    • obviously you are one ignorant….. you have no taste, you probably like backstreet boys or some gay crap like that!

      • well everyone has a taste and we should respect everyone’s taste so if you don’t love Beethoven so it’s easy don’t listen and if he likes band people so what it’s he’s ears right?? so everyone should respect the others taste

    • presence says:


    • flash1128a says:

      You cannot possibly be serious. This is one of the most excellent classical sonatas in the entire history of human existence. Perhaps your ear is way off course or you have no ear for such a level of excellence. As one of your replies indicated, you need to stop listening to whatever current music of choice you currently are tuned into.

      • I beleive that everyone should be free to their own opinion. Although it is very uncouth to belittle others for their taste in music. Everyone should listen to what they prefer…and move on with their lives. Thats the problem with the world today. There are too many people with too many opinions, and half of them have no earthly idea what they are talking about to begin with. I dont listen to rap…although it infuriates me to even fathom what those people call ‘talent” but I dont bash it or talk about it. I have my opnions…and I will stick with them. God made us all different for a reason. Why not embrace it?

    • This piece was actually the hardest for me to learn due to the timing, but I have to say it is one of my top 5 in breath-taking piano history.

    • For someone to place a rude comment on this piece needs to open his/her mind up to the differences between to different musical outlooks instead of one-siding musical pieces. learn to be open-minded with everything that you do and one day you will see so small postive within this piece. Thank you

    • if you dont like it 1. dont listen to it 2. why are you listning to it 3.every one has a difrent taste of music

    • J A BUENO says:


    • Gravel, that can be arranged.

    • casey anderson says:

      then why are you on here

    • you have very bad taste.

    • well this song reaches into your soul and shows you that you can feel with compassion so dont put gravel in your ear just give it another shot and try to feel it with your eyes closed just try it

    • well i think it is the most heartfelt song ever composed

    • you should go do that and leave this to the adults…

    • Now here’s a guy that will never have to worry about being invited to bring the potato salad to the next Mensa picnic!!

    • seriously, if you hate it, why are you even on this website? honestly, did you come here just to complain??

  144. So beautiful! The one composition that makes me forget all that is hurting from within. :)


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  148. I’ve been trying hard to learn Moonlight Sonata and your rendition will help me. Thank you. Beautiful!

  149. Thank you, beautiful.

  150. [...] Sonata” is a very weighty example.  For a flavor, here is “Four Seasons, and here is “Moonlight Sonata”.  [...]

  151. i love this piece i want to learn hoe to play it on the piano ive been looking for this piece and i never thought i would find it here i just love it its too awsome

  152. that is the best i can feel.

  153. I love Solo Piano Classics. Where can I purchase your other albums?

  154. wow)))))
    i love it very very very much
    sound is amazing and……
    everything is just wonderful
    i even don’t have enough words to explain which feelings bring this music))))))))))

  155. jamie nicholie says:

    i love this. it speaks to me in a way music passes through the mind… i feel like i could fall into a sight of nothingness

  156. I studied him in high school. And i think this is the piece i was examined on in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. I never had a chance to learn to play the song or the piano for that matter. But Now i am taking up Piano lessons, and this is my first piece. I so love it.It makes my day.

  157. I am returning to your site, Jorgos, after listening to your beautiful recording of Clair de Lune almost 4 years ago, and now I have also enjoyed your superb rendition of this 1st movement of Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ sonata. What a glorious piece of music! Sad, wistful yet ultimately satisfying. When I was fifteen and played piano not very well, I bought and presented my tutor with the sheet music for this piece, saying ” This is what I want to learn to play!”, I believe she didn’t think I would persevere, but I did, and it is probably the only piece I will remember how to play by heart, as I haven’t owned or played a piano for many years. I am certain that my rendition would not be anywhere near as technically good as yours – I found it easier to play at an slower adagio pace, and I stuck to this tempo rigidly throughout. Your interpretation also reminds me why artistic jewels like these immortal works stand out from the slapdash technological wallpaper which we accept daily into our lives in the name of ‘entertainment’. Thank you.

  158. David A. Burack says:

    Really lovely performance. Thank you for featuring.

  159. NewlyCre8ed says:

    Jorgos, wow, what beautiful work you’ve done to this mysterious piece of music. Beethoven’s music in and of itself is a masterpiece but the life you given it, the patience, emotion and reverence is magnificent. May you continue to pursue greatness and share your talent with others. Thank you sincerely for the gift you’ve bestowed upon my ears as well as my heart. I haven’t found a sample of this anywhere in stores or online that can even come close to the justice you’ve give it.

  160. By far my favorite Beethoven piece. Mozart is a favorite of mine also, but Beethoven takes the cake. Its hard to find people my age that appreciate real music like this, and its wonderful to see how many people enjoy it. Played very beatifully as well. :)

  161. i like it very much. thank!

  162. this song was decicated to my son at his funeral and it brings all the good and the bad memories back i miss him. but i will always have this song

  163. fannas……..i love them too :D ,,need we say no more? :)

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  165. I love this piece. I’ve begun to study it and I’m in love with it. Wonderful dynamics.

  166. M.L. TYLER says:

    this piece truly touches the soul

  167. Gente payasa presumida! Mi hijo la toca blah blah blah, yo toco esta cancion! blah blah blah… Y a quien le importa si la pueden tocar o no????

  168. the first time i heared the song i started likeing classical piano music more then any kind of music

  169. Andrew bearden says:

    I told my daughter that if she learned this song without help in one week she could quit taking lessons. She did it in three days. The lessons still continue.

    • TO DAY I REALIZED WHY I LIKED THIS SONG SO MUCH……I JUS FOUND OUT LUDWIG BEETHOVEN WROTE THIS SONG FOR THE ONE HE LOVED BUT THEY WERE NVR TOGETHER ….BECAUSE…..THE COUNTESS’S FATHER DINT CONSIDER BEETHOVEN SOCIAL STATUS COMPARABLE TO HIS DAUGHTERS…….I DINT KNOW N E OF THIS BUT I GUESS music speaks and the emotions translated through the song because ironically enough i couldn’t be with the one who i adored because of my FATHER :,-( it hurts ……and while i was being defiant i would always ask my ninja cat to play moonlight sonata for me …… doenst know how much i like him…..

  170. aleksey gurbaghin says:

    @ justin:
    what you said is the lies and dirty propaganda told by the capitalists, esp. the us. neither lenin nor stalin did ever give an order to anyone to put a bullet in anybody’s head.
    besides, we all know how awful, devastating things happened to the dissident artisans who lived in us during mccarthy era. and we all know and remember the segregation against the black people which occured in us from the foundation to the late 80′s in the us. we remember the ku klux klan, rodney king, and many more. even in late 60′s & 70′s black people were segregated from the so-called noble whites.
    we know how imperialist system assassinated or exiled dissident intellectuals, artisans in capitalis countries thruout the ages.
    we know how a rich minority live in wealth, while millions of poor people starve to death in africa, asia, and even in usa, like millions of homeless people.
    art means nothing if it has nothing to say about the exploited masses.

  171. Musicians are indeed free in communist countries. Unless their art takes them counter to their regime. Then comrade Lenin or Stalin drags them off in the night to put a bullet in their head.

    Anyone is free to create music. There are no restraints. In a free society, if your work is music, and if people like your music, they buy it and you do well. If it is not well received, you starve until you come up with a better way to contribute to society.

    Under a totalitarian regime, those with their boots upon the neck of the people determine what is considered art. One has only to seriously study the political undercurrents of Shostakovich’s motives behind the 7th Symphony and the fine line he danced to see that. It was not all about Hitler and his armies.

  172. aleksey gurbaghin says:

    under capitalist system, the artisans are bounded w/ the giant chains of money and its dominance. in capitalist societies, artisans simply can’t create freely, because they’re not free from the pressure of the multinational record companies, not free from the musical taste of masses who are ophiumed w/ the poisonous pop culture of the capitalist society. in a society under the dominance of money, no one, let alone the artisans, is free. so, in so-called free countries of the western sphere, artisans create/produce/compose to live, to earn money to survive. but in socialist/communist society, as they were in the great soviet union, artisans live to create/produce/compose; not for money, not to please critics or ophiumed masses. becausein communist society, they’re literally free, free to create/compose. as stated by the great leader of the oppressed & exploited poeoples of the world, comrade LENIN: one cannot talk about real/pure freedom in a society where there’s the dominance of money.
    lastly a qoutation from great musician and person sviatoslav richter:
    “Music must be given to those who love it. I want to give free concerts; that’s the answer.”

  173. aleksey gurbaghin says:

    without the geniuses of the music, nothing would be as it’s right now. it’s geniuses who drew the boundaries (beyond our imagination) of the modern music of today’s world. and it’s geniuses who drew the path of the music of the future from those early days.
    with all due respect, ordinary people w/ average talent just follow the path driven by the geniuses. one doesn’t necessarily have to be a composer to be “it”. think of Святослав Теофилович Рихтер (sviatoslav richter), he was a genius, he didn’t only play the music, but felt it & carried it to another dimension. put his soul into it. remember what glenn gould once said about richter in an interview (you can find it on youtube, i think)
    best wishes & friendly shake your hands
    aleksey gurbaghin

  174. aleksey gurbaghin says:

    @María :

    check out the first line of my second post above, i already mentioned that.
    quoted from my second post(pay attention to the first line please):
    “btw, i ain’t saying it’s no good that they’re into classical music. but it’s nothing to mention bout here, no big deal. as i stated in my previous post, many of the great composers were child prodigies. so it’s no big deal to be able to play this sonata even if you’re a teenager. as i said, when masters like beethoven or mozart were 6 or 7, they’d already composed some of their masterpieces.”

  175. Abraham says:

    I love the song too it is very good. I am learning but I already know half of it just need to practice.

  176. Aleksey : cierto lo que has dicho en cuanto a que muchos de los grandes compositores componían a corta edad y ejecutaban varios instrumentos, pero quisiera compartir contigo una reflexión:no todo el mundo tiene por qué ser un prodigio. Basta con amar la música. ¿Es que sólo valen los genios? Pienso que no. Me complace leer que muchachos y muchachas de corta edad estén interesados en esta clase de música. Es alentador, muy alentador.
    Saludos cordiales

  177. aleksey gurbaghin says:

    btw, i ain’t saying it’s no good that they’re into classical music. but it’s nothing to mention bout here, no big deal. as i stated in my previous post, many of the great composers were child prodigies. so it’s no big deal to be able to play this sonata even if you’re a teenager. as i said, when masters like beethoven or mozart were 6 or 7, they’d already composed some of their masterpieces.

  178. aleksey gurbaghin says:

    can’t believe how some peole say “i’m 9/10 (you fill here) yrs old and i can play the first movement” or “i can play the whole sonata”, etc. duh. masters of classical music such as beethoven, mozart, chopin, et al., they all were @ round their pre-teen ages when they composed their first sonatas/symphonies/preludes/concertos, etc. and @ the same time, many of’em were multi instrumentalists. were able to play piano, violin, etc.
    and you think you can play piano or something, just because you’re 9 or 10 yrs old. duh. c’mon! don’t make me laugh!

  179. Love reading the comments here from the young folks whose lives are influenced by not only listening to, but performing this kind of music. To me, there is nothing like the visceral feeling of performing a piece.

    Especially ones like this which, in my opinion and apparently the opinion of this performer, aren’t meant to be rendered in some exact way that’s written on the pages. There are nuances here that can only be suggested in that language, but if you really feel the song, you feel how each passage really wants to be played. When you’re the player. Feeling how you feel at the time you’re playing it.

    Long-winded way to say you should play this song however you want to. Own it. Slowly speed up the arpeggios on their way up, getting louder as you do, then quieter on the way down. Or the other way around. How you feel it at the time.

    Well, play by “their” rules at competition. Tripelet, tripelet, tripelet…. Yawn….. Then make it your song when you play it anywhere else. I think it’s what Ludwig wanted us to do with it.

  180. i absolutely loved Moonlight Sonata the first time i heard my music teacher play it at school. I have only started playing last year and have already learned to play the first movement. im 17, not bad for a beginner. classical music is amazing, and its true wen u start to play this piece it hurts ur hands, real bad til u get used to it. I LOVE IT!

  181. Un placer para los oídos y el alma…

  182. Madeline says:

    I can play Fur Elise too. Im on level 9 in piano already.

  183. Madeline says:

    I love this song. I can play the first movement already.(I’m only 10 years old.)

  184. Beethoven’s music is so lovey and it makes you what to play the piano and write music so basicly to do the right thing………..<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< :)

  185. The major, Beethoven does me feel a cildren all the times that i listen him. I could listen it 4ever…

  186. I’m not a big fan of classical music. I like some certain classical music, but never thought my mine would actually be at peace with Beethoven’s song “Moonlight Sonata.”

  187. My favorite. I could listen to this forever. You can listen to all three movements at wikipedia. Here

  188. That and don’t use this to chat!

  189. I love Beethoven myself. I am currently 9.I already know how to play a portion of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.I cannot understand why some people don’t like Beethoven’s compositions.Whatever the reason I love Beethoven’s masterpieces.I currently cannot play Moonlight Sonata because it is beyond my skill of piano playing.I strongly believe that one day I will be good enough to play it… Maybe even better!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. To all those mastering the art of piano playing; sounds as you may well become great composers one day! To play without intsruction shows such dedication and self determination- good luck

  191. I loved his music and I would sit and listen to my older sister play it on the Piano, I was only 8 or 9 years old at the time. Now I will soon be 78 and there is as much magic in his music as it was once upon a time in Kentucky some 70 years ago… Akomi

  192. As Akira said Beethoven was a tragic composer but he could feel his his music inside of him.
    I am very gratefull to have listened to his music, i love it and Mozart is a very good composer to, but Beethoven calms me down and relaxes me. I love his work but i wish he wasn’t deaf.

  193. Beethoven was a tragic composer, but his music was quite lovely. It awakens much emotions. Thanks for this. :)

  194. haha i love beethoven songs but i am trying to find it online and i cant find it for free

  195. i love this wonderfu music and i hope in day i can play it thank you so much

  196. Thank you for that wonderful verbal picture, Tenitachi.Very clever and funny.

  197. This is my very favorite ! Life is the most precious gift ! Priceless !!

  198. Hi!

    Are you present at other site besides this page ?

    it would be a good thing ))))

  199. John-Tyler says:

    congrats on ur sons great job he is very skillful to have almost masterd this song

  200. John-Tyler says:

    this is the greatest song ever also if u would like to talk in more detale or know of any good music stores in ardmoer oklahoma reach me at

  201. My 12 year old is learning this song. He is on the 3rd page, no mistakes, after 3 weeks. Eat your heart out! I LOVE IT!!!

  202. I’m taking this song to competition in the spring. Its not as easy as it sounds trust me. I’ve been playing for 10 months and started on this song 3 months into my playing. The only reason i’m not done with it is because i can’t read music since i’m a drummer so i’m working on my reading through this. Apparently its pretty amazing for a beginner to play this kind of music so i’m proud. I’m 15 right now. Can’t wait to finish it. It’s such a pain. So many triplets and octaves. It hurts my hands

  203. i love this music. althought i dont know how to play the piano, im am playing it. it is prety amazing what i can do. i hope i will be able to play the whole song when im older. ( im 13 now)

  204. My sons are taking piano lessons and doing quite well. I’ve told them that the day either of them can play this piece for me I’ll die a happy man!

  205. Kaitlyn A. Wilson says:

    I’ve loved this piece since the first time the tune reached my ears when I was only eight years old (I’m 15 now). I adore classical music and I’m beginning to listen to it every time I study.

  206. Worthwhile internet page and intriguing posting. I really enjoy piano a lot. I’ve marked it to return later. Even if you are on the right track- you will get run over if you just sit there

  207. Useful website and interesting post. I really enjoy piano a lot. I have marked it to come back later. Imagination is more important than knowledge-Einstein

  208. Poor Jesse L Martin. You’re ignorant, too ignorant to even realize it. I’m so grateful that people like you will only influence people like you. We are in no danger.

  209. Wow this type of music really touches me on a very deep level, its almost asthout it speaks to your very soul. Ive been through alot in my life and this takes me to a level only surpasses by the love for music itself so bravo Beethoven bravo.

  210. Wonderful piece.

    This is the point where all humanity unites as it should be.

    I wish the composer were still alive to contribute his music to this world forever…

  211. Grave Romeo says:

    This song always makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. Right now i am writing a sonata and i got my inspiration from this piece.

  212. Ever since I was little, there has always been something about this song that has scared me. I love it now, but it still gives me the willies.

  213. This song never fails to give me chills…

  214. WOW amazing Speechless!.

  215. i agree this is his magnum opus in my eyes so dark and absolutely brilliant.

  216. This music is beyond beautiful. I can’t find words to describe it.

  217. Midnight Demon says:

    I like this music it calms alot of ppl down and it also make them sleep

  218. I meant to say deaf

  219. what people have to do is understand…this man was death! could not hear and makes something this great? bravo mr.beethoven. bravo. truly you are the greatest

  220. es finura que encanta, cierra los ojos, te transporta a un mundo de sueños.

  221. The story behind the music, in the casses of classical pieces and especially Baroque pieces is just as important as the emotion it illicits in you. “Know it all” or not, it’s important to understand what’s driven a soul to create, as it increases your emotional response.

    And, whether or not the lay-person calls this work “Moonlight Sonata” or not means nothing. It is NOT the name of the work. It’s like someone taking a song from one of the awful emo bands you like and calling it something completely different.

    There. I feel better.

  222. Normal teen says:

    Ppl need to stop being so stubborn, this is music, not todays bs that kids listen to, im 16 and a not no dam geek im jus sayin, LISTEN!!!!!!!!! One life to live ppl

  223. Bunch of know it alls. Just listen to the music. Who cares what the name would have been or was. I’m pretty sure its current name is here to stay. Great song, however I agree this performance is somewhat off.

  224. The original title of the sonata is “Quasi una fantasia” (It. almost a fantasy). The popular title of Moonlight Sonata actually didn’t come about until several years after Beethoven’s death. In 1836, German music critic, Ludwig Rellstab wrote that the sonata reminded him of the reflected moonlight off Lake Lucerne. Since then, Moonlight Sonata has remained the “official” unofficial title of the sonata.

    Beethoven composed the famous Moonlight Sonata in 1801 and dedicated it to Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, a pupil of Beethoven. Shortly after their first few lessons, the two fell in love. After dedicating the Moonlight Sonata, it is believed that Beethoven proposed to her. Although she was willing to accept Beethoven’s proposal, forbiddance by one of her parents prevented her from marrying him.

    Think about that when you listen to this.

  225. I am a mystical african high priest who wrestles lions. Personally, this music is the best, and it makes me want to hug children, dance in the dark, and cut myself.

  226. This is one of my favorite pieces of music, and one of the few I can play. Miss Katrina noted this to be the first of three movements (it’s a Sonata. Meaning 3 or 4 sections or rather movements, separate in presentation, yet in perfect cadence as a whole.) Katrina’s quite correct (it’s also the only part I can play.) To my Chagrin the timing performed here is most definitely Off. Not so badly I think, that an untrained ear would notice. Look for the 3rd movement, it’ll knock your socks off. Takes exceptional talent to play, even badly. And DON’T GET ME WRONG; This presentation is by no means bad, It’s just a little off. The pianist is not in cadence, hesitating. Like a horse breaking stride (or gait), when the pace should be very even. The one on the website above contains a very good midi version, 1st movement is quite a bit better than what’s here, and the 2nd is VERY well played, but the 3rd (beginning at 7min.55sec. is sensational! The BEST I have ever heard! My hat off to the pianist. He/She is FIRST RATE!

  227. I had to add another comment for those who don’t know, this piece is only the first movement of this song, there are three total, but this piece is the most popular.

  228. I love Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Chaikowsky (if I even spelled that right because I never do)….Great site. I only wish I could pull the song because I’m looking for it for a class assignment. I bookmarked it anyway. Thanks! :-)

  229. rick s / usa says:

    this piece is a timeless work of is both beautiful,and melancholy.a haunting melody that stirs the soul.a true masterpeice.

  230. In this piece I feel a longing, a certain lonliness that needs comforting. Its searching for something in the beginning, but in the end, the movement of the piece shows that something was achieved or aquired. That’s how I interperet this. Comment if you’f like, but its personal perspective.

  231. Paul Schouten says:

    Oh to live this for real. It’s a song of total solitude, a Heavenly composition. Music to put ones mind at ease and think of eternity in God’s peace. It is coming for real, but as we wait in patience this music is………….superb.

  232. موسيقى بتهوفين تعتبر اجمل ما سمعت في حياتي بحبها

  233. the time on here is wrong. just a heads up.

  234. O.o the girl tripped and they laughed. now looking in eachother’s eyes

  235. i’m not into this type of music, but this song? love it. its beautiful, mysterious, haunting, relaxing, and brings dreams of beautiful things. i heard a piece of it on a Hamtaro game a few years ago. i fell in love, playing it again and again. its just so mysterious and spooky. sometimes it puts me in a trance. i love it. @~> rose
    makes me dream of a ballroom couple dancing under a dark, moonlit sky

  236. I have devoted my life to music and for such pieces like this to even exist is amazing it just shows that humanity, aside from it’s evil and corruption, has a side to it that can posses beauty and passion I only wish that music like this could be made today but the the reason we can’t is because people today lack what Beethoven shows here, true passion, we have drifted away from it just as we have done the same with our morals but at least, thanks to songs like this, we can remember humanity as it was and maybe one day we can come back to this.
    Joseph E. A.

  237. beautiful song,
    but it sounds kinda sad… like beethoven would’ve written it as if he had just gotten his heart broken… he definatly didn’t deserve whatever caused him to write such hauntingly beautiful music.

  238. Diane-Jane says:

    ….such an enchanting piece of music, engaging the listener on many levels. Delicate, sublime and beautiful….. almost enigmatic. Quite simply!

  239. Músicas maravilhosas!

  240. jordan girouard/ cramer says:

    a very beautiful peace of art i would have to say indeed i love the texture

  241. I think this is beyond the best peice of Classical music I have ever heard. It’s soothing to the soul! And yes, it makes some cry!

  242. iliya kiev ukraine says:

    this is superrr!))

  243. How can you not love his music?Heart felt song touch others and his music thouches many lives and gives us pause, It lets us feel sorrow,love,pain,and emotions we have not experianced. Simpliy Lovly.

  244. This is something i would lisen to every day if I could Beatiful Wonderous and Soul touching he was truely a great artist my Chior teaher crys when she hears him .(and so do I.)

  245. la verdad que es una musica muy relajante

  246. i really love this type of music…its reaches my soul and it makes me cry…

  247. Nunca me cansaria de escuchar esta melodia, es tan hermosa…..aveces cuando la escucho en la oficina , parece que todo ami alrededor desapareciera, es sublime es transportadora… Hermosa!

  248. sonatasfavorite says:

    i am an african american and i believe this is the greats piece of all time. i dont listen to this type of music but when i heard this i was in awe. i cried and favored this particular piece it is the greatest

  249. the sonata is simply elegant and thrilling to hear. anyone who hears this piece from the great composer is bound to imagine the moon shining mysteriously above him.

  250. Musician? Or Artist? says:

    Just beautiful. Beethoven was the most brilliant composer I’ve ever heard. I agree with Arson; the lovely simplicity and beautiful spirit of Moonlight Sonata makes it an engaging piece. It captures his emotion perfectly, and sometimes, mine as well.

  251. Then kindly keep your opinion to yourself, whoever that is, posing as Jesse L. Martin.
    Beethoven was a genius, and this is one of his greatest pieces ever. Its lovely simplicity and beautiful spirit make it my all-time favorite song.

  252. Hi, I’m Jesse L Martin from TV. I like Obama and his idiotic speeches, and I like ponys and unicorns, but this music is jack crap

    • Then leave. just leave, I don’t see the point in coming here just to complain. Listen to what you like and let people who like this kind of music be. Your words are falling on deaf ears.

    • Its the same for everyone else who comes here just to put up a complaint.

  253. This would be great for my next movie on my website. (

  254. Parabéns o site é muito bom! Encontrei os melhores clássicos de todos os tempos.

  255. i’m spanish

  256. i love beethoven

  257. hola, a todos esta obra es una cosa bellisima… alguien sabe en donde puedo bajar la partitura original…. saludos y gracias..


  259. “It sounded very familiar. Beethoven then realised it was a song composed by himself.The girl was talking to her brother. “I`m so sorry, I could not save enough money to buy you a ticket to Beethoven`s concert…” the brother said sorrowfully to her blind sister. Instead of losing her temper, she said it was alright.”

    Yeah, nice story, except the song was not named Moonlight Sonata by the composer himself, and was reportedly inspired by infatuation with one of his students.

    Also, he was starting to lose his hearing by then, which makes the overheard conversation anecdote rather unlikely.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk, but it’s one of the most gorgeous pieces of music ever written, why does it need some trite backstory?

  260. i love this song beethove’s songs are beautiful there’s no name for how good his songs are hes a genuis when i heard the the song i thought he played it and was sad but then i read the story and found out why he wrote the song he is magnificent and marvelouse in so inpressed by his music he inspires me he made me love his music and i love is songs so much im learning how to play his songs when i hear this song somtimes it helps me fall asleep it relaxes me i love beethoven if i had a choice to either listen to fur elis or moonlight sonota id pick moonlight sonota thanks beethoven

  261. ¡Simplemente hermosa!.
    Cuando las palabras no pueden expresar lo maravilloso que puede existir en este mundo, surge la música desde el fondo del alma.

  262. Es una delicia como el mar

  263. christina. says:


  264. It is very important to me to listen to this lovely and magical music at the morning

  265. It is very important to me to listen to this lovely and magical music at the morning.

    • flash1128a says:

      Lana, I share your love for this excellent work of art! I have trained myself on my Yamaha Grand Piano sound keyboard just for this one song. I began practicing it 25 years ago without any experience. It is quite an experience!

  266. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  267. I love this song everyday i try to play this song on the piano im not so good in piano cause im new.

  268. Iris Mae says:

    ..this piece is really nice

  269. Mathieu says:

    this is the song that inspierd me to play piano im learning it just as i listen

  270. mukemmel dogrusu bızı cok uzaklara goturdu sıhırlı hos ve guzel bır dunyaya sadece huzur dolu tesekkurler Bethoven

  271. Hola Adrián
    Soy María
    Me podrías sugerir algunos discos y/o músicos
    de violoncello me gustaría escucharlos y no encuentro hasta la fecha.


  272. I listened that millions times..each one touched my heart took my many times it makes me cries…bu bbir büyü…MAGİCAL.

  273. es tan perfecta…

  274. KingofMoonMen says:

    Satin slowly, softly, deliberately sliding its way across the skin. A cool summer night’s breeze kissing the sweat on your forehead. The grass, prickly and smelling of a thousand scents of the field invade your nostrils with thier welcome relief. The Sun slowly sets over the horizon while the crickets, barely audible, serenade you with thier monotone, yet immesuarably beautiful song. Your eyes begin to sag under the weight of the sheer relief of the moment, and slowly, purposefully you slip into slumber under the stars. Bliss cannot describe this event, only emotions, only the very senses with which you feel every blade of grass, ever pattern of the breeze, ever waking moment of nature’s million-year-old performance. This is what beauty consists of, the very embodiment of the audible climax which our ears were created for. One cannot ever fully appreciate this piece of music, nay, masterpiece of human perfection. If ever a song had the ability to truly transport one to a certain scene, to invoke the emotion of true peace, solemn joy, or quiet, uncompromising purpose, this piece of human perfection achieves this and much, much more.

  275. i first heard moonlight sonta when i was 12 years old, 50 years ago….the sounds touched my heart and i could no longer keep it closed. good will to all, for there you are.

  276. Hi. Im Jesse L Martin. I like this music as well as all the other people like it. It’s peaceful. See me on TV!

  277. My movie is called Battle for Atlantis Sea of Dreams. Watch it on June 30,2009 on

    This is great music for the ending.

    I heard it in a Spiderman Web of Shadows trailer.

  278. This is great music to put in my next movie for my website. my website is

  279. Words cannot describe this beautiful piece!

  280. superknight says:

    i thought i was the music sheet

  281. laughingsister says:

    delightfully well played piece; thank you

  282. Shakespearita says:

    Genial… me deja sin aliento… me encantaría escuchar juntas las piezas de claro de luna de Debussy y Bethoven juntas en vivo… Eso sería practicamente algo glorioso….

  283. turno_one says:

    esto si es arte

    me encanta

  284. Downer says:

    I listened to this song 100 times.
    helps with depression

  285. I could listen for hours.
    Great site.

  286. Rodalyn Rodriguez says:

    i will not be tired listening to this music. never. it’s so good.

  287. Rodalyn Rodriguez says:

    i love this music by Beethoven.. It’s relaxing. Perfect for those people who have many worries in life like me

  288. janine says:


    One evening Ludwig van Beethoven and a friend were taking a walk. As they were passing through a narrow, dark street, they heard music coming from a little house.
    “Hush!” Beethoven said. “It is from one of my most beautiful pieces.”
    Suddenly a voice said, “I cannot play any more – it is so beautiful! How I wish I could hear that piece played by someone who could do justice to it!”
    Without a word, Beethoven and his friend entered the house. It was the home of a poor shoemaker. At the piano sat a young girl.
    “Pardon me,” said the great composer. “I am a musician. I heard you say you wished to hear someone play the piece you have just been playing. Will you permit me to play it for you?”
    “Thank you very much,” answered the girl, “but our piano is very old. And we have no music sheets”.
    “No music sheets! How did you play, then?” asked Beethoven.
    The young girl turned her face toward the great master. Looking at her more closely, he saw that she was blind.
    “I play from memory,” she said.
    “Where did you hear the piece that you were playing just now?”
    “I used to hear a lady practicing near our old home. During the summer evenings, her windows were open, and I walked to and fro outside to listen to her,” she answered.
    Beethoven seated himself at the piano. The blind girl and her brother listened with rapture to the master’s playing. At last the shoemaker came near and asked, “Who are you?”
    Beethoven made no answer. The shoemaker repeated his question, and the master smiled. He began to play the piece which the girl had been trying to play.
    The listeners held their breath. When the playing stopped, they cried, “ You are the master himself! You are Beethoven!”
    He rose to go, but they held him back.
    “Play for us once more – only once more,” they pleaded. He seated himself again at the piano. The brilliant moonlight was shining into the bare little room.
    “I will compose a sonata to the moonlight,” he said. He looked thoughtfully for sometime at the bright sky lit up by the moon and the twinkling stars. Then his fingers moved over the keys of the old, worn piano. In low, sad, sweet strains, he played his new piece. Finally, pushing back his chair, and turning towards the door he said, “Farewell to you.”
    He paused and looked tenderly at the face of the blind girl. “Yes, I will come again and give you some lessons. Farewell! I will soon come again!”
    Beethoven said to his friend, “Let us hurry that I may write out the sonata while I can yet remember it!”
    That was how Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous “Moonlight Sonata” was composed.

  289. ever since i heard my friend play this song at school i fell in love with it .. it’s so beautiful … and ever since that day i been trying to learn it and i only know how to play the intro to it … I’m not giving up till i master it . but beautiful beautiful song i love it …

  290. tremendo Hombre que Musica….la Noche y el Dia

  291. andres romanov says:

    tenia su corazon roto y tambien la tristeza de ya no oir .pero es sencilla y bella a la vez esta sonata

  292. Nicorusu Torisutan says:

    Simply amazing… First time really hearing it was in Resident Evil in the safe room.

    A truly remarcable piece.

    Beethoven was an absolute genius.

  293. Alisia Piano Fanatic says:

    One word to describe Moonlight Sonata: Beautiful

  294. a bit fast but not bad at all

  295. this song…aww i have no words to describe how much i love it. it is amazing ♥_♥

  296. NO MAMEN, ESTA CANCION ESTA DE POCA MADRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Matt J Asper says:

    it’s amazing how the efforts of men can produce something so marvellous and divine!

  298. l love this song ^_^

  299. the first time i heard this song was in a resident evil game for DS

  300. Moonlight sonata actually has a story about it. One evening, the moon was shining brightly. Beethoven was taking his usual evening stroll went he rached a small, shabby hut. He saw a girl playing a song on the piano. It sounded very familiar. Beethoven then realised it was a song composed by himself.The girl was talking to her brother. “I`m so sorry, I could not save enough money to buy you a ticket to Beethoven`s concert…” the brother said sorrowfully to her blind sister. Instead of losing her temper, she said it was alright.
    She said she would try to memorise how his songs were played and play it to herself. Beethoven was deeply touched and walked into the hut. He played one of his songs for her. The girl was surprised to know that it was Beethoven himself. Beethoven invited the girl to come to his coincert and he wanted to share with her how beautiful the moon was. Despite the girl being blind, he composed a song that expressed the moon`s beauty. He then named it’moonlight sonata’.

  301. Elizabeth says:

    A real genius. I relly love this music. Its relaxing and majestic, poetry without words in a way. Beethoven was a real artist, a real magcian, a genius!

  302. memento mori says:

    macabre pale moon

  303. Tenitachi says:

    When I listen to this I imagine Beethoven sat at his piano, all short of stature and tufts of hair covering bald spots. A constant grimace on his face to rival Father Jack from Father Ted, grunting and snorting every so often, perhaps with a little growling too. This carries on until 1:46, where suddenly the last two minutes of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture take the place of Moonlight Sonata. His eyes bulging, it takes about thirty seconds for him to realise what’s going on. It’s too much, way too much. You can see the blood boiling beneath his skin. In the shadows of a potted plant squats that Russian bastard, wires in his hands pulling his keys like a puppet, singing “Du nununu nuh nuh NUH na na” under his breath. Too much. Beethoven’s eyes bulge so far out his sockets with rage, a trickle of silver spit flying rampant as he opens his scowl to shout, vocal cords vibrating. Too late. In a massive bang unheard through the din, the blood that had accumulated in his pudgy face splattered the entire room, along with brains and bits of teeth and skull. His work here done, Tchaikovsky casually runs his bloodied fingers through his hair, and walks sedately out the door. Or at least, this is MY interpretation of the Moonlight Sonata.

  304. this song is good!!!i really love Beethoven songs!

  305. es bella música yo toco el violoncello. participo en la orquesta del barrio de rio gallegos. me gustaría que me mandaran partituras de acompañamiento de piano para cello.
    un gran saludo “adrián”

  306. g sharp sounds a little flat, not a criticism of the player! But flatter than I am used to!

  307. The English Language says:

    Dear commenters,

    Please stop raping me.

    The English Language

    ps. I loved the recording, very melancholy, yet halcyon, it moved me.

  308. brigitte says:

    well-played! This is brilliant and nuanced, and it’s the almost best time I’ve ever heard this. ( I was wondering through the halls of my school, and began to follow the distant sound of music. After being lured to a far room around many twists and turns, there sat a thin bespectacled boy, playing this with all his heart.) the only reason this is not the best is because I wasn’t wandering, following the threads of music down labyrinthine halls.

  309. JaQuie L M says:

    i really love “moonlinght sonata” its breathtaking!! classical music is not my first choice of music but this has got to be my favorite in fact im going to walk down the asile to “moonlight sonata” creepy but so cool!! XoXo E XoXo

  310. to kelly, i thought you were pertaining to beethoven, were you? anyway, moonlight sonata-great music… more than words can say.

  311. to kelly, i think beethoven wasn’t blind.. he was deaf… he lost his hearing i think during the peak of his career. but he still managed to compose and play with the piano. a real genius isn’t he?

  312. southern pretty says:

    inspiration for the ears!!!!

  313. dANyeL VASQUEZ says:


  314. Wow! He is amazing for a blind man. I never heard anything like it.

  315. wow diz waz awesome!!!!!!

  316. This is one of the most beautifully and skillfully played renditions of the Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Op. 27, No. 2, by Ludwig van Beethoven that I have ever heard. It brings tears of both joy and sadness to my eyes simultaneously. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Jorgos.

  317. I really love this piece.

  318. It is never too early or too late to learn the piano. Through my whole life i always had the yearning to learn the piano. Finally at 38 years old i took lessons. My favorite was fur elise…but now i believe it is Moonlight Sonata. It makes my heart slow down until i feel like i am in a dream.

  319. Wow, I have always loved this piece but this is the most beautiful I have ever heard it played. This pianist really caught the haunting beauty and depth that I feel personifies much of Beethoven’s works. Is this available to buy anywhere?

  320. Andrew T says:

    Just so that you don’t get confused, I wrote everything starting from “I have to say on a personal note…” and continuing onward. I didn’t want you to think that what I stated was a continuation of the translation of Mery’s post.

  321. Andrew T says:

    translation of Mery’s post:

    It(He,She) fascinates the piano, me it is not possible to learn to touch it due to the fact that I do not possess(do not rely on) the means, but this piece infects the feeling that the composer I form in every so penetrating note, wraps you during a night calm and illuminated by the delicate light of a full moon. It is something wonderful.

    I have to say on a personal note that this sonata deeply overwhelms my spirit with a great sorrow and joy at the same time. This beautiful masterpiece is a truly genius work of art. It fills the soul with in a way that is near impossible to describe. It is as if a thousand Angels take a time off from heaven to come down and sing it to me each time I play it.
    I’m twelve years old and this masterful piece has sparked a curiosity for music (especially piano music) inside of me. I’ve learned how to read music and am currently teaching myself to play piano.

    • thanks for your translation, i have realized that is not imposible, and i glad to see that although you are so young you have apreciation for the good things such as this kind of music.

  322. i like the sound of piano its so romantic

  323. The most beautiful yet tragic piece. He was a genius ahead of his time. This song holds so much emotion in it like all of his other songs. But this one has something unusually unique about.

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    BB Belgium

  337. me fascina el piano, no me es posible aprender a tocarlo debido a que no cuento con los medios, pero esta pieza contagia el sentimiento que el compositor plasmo en cada nota tan penetrante, te envuelve en una noche tranquila e iluminada por la delicada luz de una luna llena. Es algo maravilloso.

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    • Hi Jennifer, the sound you hear is from a Steinway grand piano :-) … It’s my favourite grand piano although I’m also in love with the sound and expression of Bosendorfer and Bluthner grand pianos. There are a lot of nice pianos out there, like Baldwin and Schimmel

      • Oh….. my….. gosh! That’s all I can say. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! Tip for everyone listening to this: close your eyes when you listen. you can feel the music just fill you and envelope you in a feeling that is indescribable! It’s amazing. Moonlight Sonata is my favorite piece in the entire universe and Beethoven is my favorite composer in the entire universe. Kudos Jorgos for the amazingly beautiful piece. If it didn’t say recorded by Jorgos, I’d have thought that this was like the original thing! You can’t describe how breathtaking this piece is in human words. Heck you probably can’t describe it in alien words either. (Not that I’ve tried.) Well, thanks and kudos.

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    • Thanks Diane. I recorded this version of Moonlight Sonata more than 2 years ago and will probably add another version on the short term.

      All the best,

    • Io non so; mai,mi piace molto questa melodia.E bellissima!!!ciao.

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