BWV 846 Prelude

recorded in 2006 - performed by Jorgos

Listening to Bach’s BWV 846 Prelude No.1 in C Major, one may conclude that the foundation of this solo piano work sounds close to Ave Maria.

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Charles Gounod composed Ave Maria in 1859 during the romantic era, based on J.S. Bach’s Preludium No.1 in C Major from Well-Tempered Clavier Book I (BWV 846). However, Ave Maria is written in F major, not C major.

Many consider Bach the greatest composer of all time. Bach’s use of counterpoint is innovative and the complexities of his compositions (including religious and numerological symbols) keeps on amazing musicians today.

An interesting biography of J.S. Bach can be found here.

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33 Responses to "BWV 846 Prelude"

  1. If a sunrise sounded like music, this would be it.

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  3. This piece of music is as brilliant as it can get (together with the other 47 of Books 1 and 2). But most of the pianists who play it forget, that this was not written for the piano, which as it is today was invented more than 100 years after Bach’s death.
    This piece of music (and most Bach wrote for the keyboard, excluding the organ) was written for the harpsichord, which was able to “produce” only strong, forte type sound.
    While technically this is not a difficult piece of music (in contrast, the fugue which follows it is extremely difficult), all pianists who play this prelude using piano and forte are interpreting incorrectly, and most of them unfortunately do.

    Gounod produced a beautiful melody based on this Prelude. I like both of them.

  4. Type your name here says:

    Beautiful song… so lovely. but my mum said it was too monoton/// but still i love it.

    ROCK ON BACH \m/

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  7. esta musica es tan llena de sentimientos hermmosos qu me alluda
    a tranquilisarme

  8. So sweet and heavenly, with just a pang of melancholy. My hat is off to you, Bach, my friend. And to the pianist. Well done.

  9. Qué bueno poder regalarle esta bella música a mi alma para que se sienta querida y feliz.

  10. par que me gusta mucho la musica clasica es myu fasinante y hermosa ssobretodo relajante

  11. It brings two beautiful persons’ dreams together… it!

  12. Breezy Point Mom says:

    I am certain that this music will be playing in Heaven.

  13. This is a beautiful song you’d only be able to hear nowadays in ancient music boxes discarded in the corner of an attic of a modern house. Sigh* Young people these days. (Lol I’m only 14 myself XP)
    Imagine this song with no Surround Sound System, no mic, no nothing in a huge room covered all round with ladies and lords, how much discipline would one need to shut up and listen? Each and everyone straining their elegant rich ears towards a masterpeice noone can touch. That, my friends, is beauty~!

  14. This is truly amazing. This takes me to another place when I hear this. Better than most “music” today.

  15. Ebru Kandemir says:

    I want to cry…This is a life.

  16. Paul Schouten says:

    Jolene, it’s my song to you!

  17. Paul Schouten says:

    Such a Godly quiet and beauty. It brings out the beauty in thought and doing.

  18. makes me want to walk into feild of flowers, twirl and dance with someone i love… XAVIER, I LOVE YOU!

  19. Óscar Distéfano says:

    Magnífico lugar

  20. i want to learn this song!
    Cause thats so peaceful and friendly.
    Thats something different in this song.
    GREAT and Perfect

  21. jonathan says:

    une merveille

  22. maravilloso.

  23. This song can easy to play.But play good is not easy

  24. LILLIAN SIMAS says:

    BWV 853 Prelude No. 8 in E Flat Minor.
    além de linda a música é exlendidadamemte inspiradora.

  25. Kathy Bates says:

    truly a beautiful spiritually moving peace by one of the greats in musical history, thanks for sharing

  26. This is a truly beautiful song I read letters from my Boyfriend while i listen to this.

  27. Andrew Hall says:

    Truly beautiful.

  28. The heartbeat is suggested from the beginning, becoming more insistent,asking a haunting question at each beat – the rippling notes seeking to answer the question, leading one’s mind onward to beautiful thoughts which fill one with the inspiration to do lovely things.

    Thank you. You touched my soul.

  29. i like this one its so flighty!

  30. i want to learn this song, it’s so awesome!

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